NCLEX RN 2016 Advice - page 16

Hi there! I told myself after taking the NCLEX-RN exam that I would come back here (like many have) and discuss my experience, results, etc. because I spent countless evenings and hours on this site... Read More

  1. by   jerrythejindo
    congratulations! very happy to hear all your work paid off. are you still handing out the study guide? is there anyway you can send it to me at:
    thank you, and congrats again!
  2. by   dg0303770
    Hello , any way you can send me the review materials @, i would really really appreciate it. thanks in advance
  3. by   AngelKissed857
    Just want to point out that the review materials that keep coming up on this site are now several years old, and they were great! But...The NCLEX changes every 3 years, and 2017 was a change year. So just be aware, you might not be studying the correct information if you reply on that material.
  4. by   legropes
    Hi, would someone please be kind enough to email me the 34 page review? I am an Australian RN applying for Canadian RN and thought i better get studying! Any other tips would always be appreciated!
  5. by   RNNY2017
    Hi I just wanna share my experience when I took the Nclex last July 2017 with Minimal preparation. I graduated in the Philippines last March 2010, started working August of the same year up to this day. So the last time I had thorough review was for our NLE. I am just an average student, I even failed 1 major subject once. Started processing for the exam around october 2016, received att april 24th 2017, schedule the exam july 7th. My boyfriend left to the states May 3rd week, so that's the only time I was able to study only every after my work, I even still missed reading most of the time so I studied longer during weekends. I only had 2 books which I wasn't able to finish even half haha. Saunders and kaplan. I used saunders for the content and kaplan for review questions, but only the last 265 questions. I answered some questions in saunders but honestly I didn't bother what my scores were, I just tried to read the rationales. So I wasn't able to answer even 1000 questions throught my self review. Yes I read saunders but I can't remember anything at all, it's been 7 years since I last studied and I forgot almost everything in nursing school. You would understand if you are already working for so long. You have the skills but not enough knowledge haha. I read saunders just for the sake I "studied" and it somehow boost my confidence. I did not analyze what were my weaknesses and strengths, I just read randomly. To make the story short I passed the exam and stopped at 100th question with a little over a month of preparation. So even if you did not study well just try, maybe I just got lucky. Got a lot of sata, almost every other question, exhibit, ecg reading, tons of prioritization. Every question would shocked me honestly. It was so damn hard, I feel like I'm guessing althrought!! I am glad I don't have to take it again. I don't recommend what I did, but no matter how long or short your preparation is if it's meant to be yours it will going to be yours no matter what. Goodluck!!!
  6. by   K8NewRn
    Just took nclex, 6 sata and a lot of prioritation. I did hurst for 2 months, la charity, saunders and availed u world twice. U world help me a lot with prioritation like big time. Just wanted to share what i did before i took the test. Dont hurry, take your time. If your not and theres doubt keep answering question it helps a lot. Good luck to everyone
  7. by   Zack1996
    wow so helpful I can't wait to try those Kaplan Q banks! what do you think of Saunders?
  8. by   Sunnies
    Thanks for posting! I graduate nursing school this December! Can you email the study guide? Thank you!!
  9. by   sfetterly
    i know it has been a while since you posted but could you email me the nlclex review that is floating around? thank you so much!!
  10. by   AngelKissed857
    First of all, that review was apparently copyrighted and isn't supposed to be available anymore. Second- it is also several years old and there have 2 substantial changes to the NCLEX since- so not terribly helpful Having anyway. Having taken the NCLEX in August, passed in 75, my strongest suggestion to prepare is to do UWorld. You do not need anything else. Do it faithfully and do AT LEAST 75 questions a day. When you are getting 65 and above on every test, take the readiness test. You'll be fine. It's a horrible test, but mostly it's the psyching we do to ourselves that makes it so wretched- so much is riding on it.