NCLEX RN 2016 Advice - page 15

Hi there! I told myself after taking the NCLEX-RN exam that I would come back here (like many have) and discuss my experience, results, etc. because I spent countless evenings and hours on this site... Read More

  1. by   Monika0504
    Hi, thank you for your great advice. Can you please email me the study guide that you mentioned? THANK YOU.
  2. by   bizarreville
    Congratulations!!!! I can ee how hard you worked! Thank you so much for this! Really needed it
  3. by   Heatherruiz
    I have a job offer and need to have my Lic. By March graduated in December. I am a broke college graduate. Thanks for your advice I now plan on purchasing the Kaplan Q bank and U world to save myself a few bucks.
  4. by   FutureDNP2021
    Uworld is now $79 for just 1 month
  5. by   Hipchikleah
    I would LOVE if you would send me the 35 page review for nclex.

    I graduated in 2012 and took my boards and failed finally decided to go at it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I did take Hurst
  6. by   hurtingme
    I am currently an LVN and graduated 23 years ago from another country. I am having a hard time passing.. I did 2x the class that have us stay in a hotel for at least 10 days ( I forgot the name of the class), I took the Kaplan Q bank 2x, and took another class last year from artesia, to top it all I have tons of review book and I don't know where to start. HELP!!! it is very hard to pass the test.. I need some advice...