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  1. 0 So I got the Saunders Comprehensive and the Saunders Q & A review. I also have access to all of the ATI review materials. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a study plan?! About how long does it take to complete the Saunders book? Which is better-book or CD? I graduate August 3rd and will probably be able to take boards in October. Any suggestions on a successful study plan?

    Thanks Everyone!
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    With Saunders I would suggest concentrating on answering questions and only review a subject if you are not doing well answering the questions
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    I found that I could BS my way through the Saunders questions. I only had the comprehensive review book. I would go to the back of each section, take the test, and usually do pretty well and then move on. Well yeah, once I started loading up my Davis Q & A, I sucked at the questions!

    Honestly, you'll be fresh out of school, and I'm sure you'll be fine!!
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    If nothing else, start with chapter one and do each chapter in turn, however much ground you want to cover each day. No need to get elaborate with this.

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