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    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone with a good heart is willing to go over the new maternal and i believe infection control chapter PDA by LaCharity through skype. I order the latest edition on ebay but it turns out to be the old edition kind a my fault, seller's picture was latest edition but description says old edition which i didnt bother reading. now im stuck with 2 old edition! theres no barnes and noble here. book store here Bestseller dont carry it. Library books here are even more outdated. I can order it online again but im afraid it will take long again i might not have enough time. so yeah just my luck. please message me if your willing to go over the new chapter with me please :heartbeat


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    I will if you want. I just opened the book this morning and did some questions from it. Let me know, btw I'm in eastern time.
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    Anytime is good for me. My skype is purplep00p. be waiting for u then? No rush just when your ready. Thank you.
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    Hey Mcunanan how are you doing? dont know my mailbox is empty and i get a message saying you are sending me a message but i am not receiving it. When do you take your test?
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    Hi, added you Sent a message to you via skype too
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    hi oztizz184. i added you and sent you a msg too at skype.

    clueless28!! girl i have been trying to reply to your msg but your inbox was always full i miss you girl. we have to catch up one of these days i cant wait to hear about your trip. i have not received my att, i called last week to follow up but all they said is its still on process that i takes 4-6weeks so yeah no exact date yet. maybe its a sign that i need o study more. hehe. ive recently enroll on the ncsbn for 3 weeks. i love it although i think their rationale are not that helpful. but for sure i will keep you updated.

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