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hi everyone. just wanted to share to all my nclex experience. took kaplan review at first but all they had were bunch of practice questions. the intructor would only answer your question pertaining... Read More

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    Hello! Thank You AHE! AHE has tremendously helped me PASS my RN boards! Took the one month review in September and passed in December! I have been out of school and really needed a refresher course, but there weren't many in San Diego. I found AHE through allnurses(Thank You allnurses) & the rest is history! I did Kaplan, but felt I needed to grasp more on content. AHE's content gave me more of a clear understanding that allowed me to apply what I have learned & helped me gain more confidence in myself. Their notes & visuals were easier for me to follow. I read that binder backwards & forwards until I was ready to take my exam. I also did questions from Saunders & the Lacharity book. Studied looooong hours everyday at the library or coffee shops. Brought my notes everywhere I went & studied, studied, studied, posted notes on my closet, & prayed!! Good luck to everyone studying, we are all in the same boat, YOU are NOT alone, believe in yourself & YOU will PASS! ~ SD RN#1

    AHE also worked for me! I took my one month review in August and passed in December! It was a great Christmas gift! I was referred to AHE from another friend who passed from San Diego, CA. So, I decided to sign up and did the commute from San Diego, CA and made arrangements attend the review in Artesia, CA. AHE was structured with thorough nursing content that I needed to refresh on. As we reviewed the different systems, the visual aids and the review of pathophysiology helped me most. I took Kaplan but, it did not work for me because it focused more on how to answer questions. However, AHE focused on content which helped me better answer questions. In addition, I studied with Saunders, Lacharity, and NCSBN, where I tried to do at least 100 questions per day. Had to study in the library or a quiet place and read daily devotionals before studying. Thank you so much AHE for giving me the courage and the confidence to know that I can pass NCLEX!

    Pray and study and keep a positive attitude that "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength" ~Philippians 4:13

    All the best,
    SD RN #2

    Hello? Im planning to take this review also, can you PM me some more information please. Thanks a lot
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    I graduated from the Philippines back in 2010. I filed for my NCLEx January 2011 and got the eligibility around March and by the time I got it, I felt that I needed review and refreshment of my nursing knowledge. Then I searched for the nearest classroom base lecture around, hence I found America Healthways. with America Healthways you have an option to get the unlimited and the 7-day review. You can ask them for further info regarding their program because in my case, I only took the 7-day review program last April 2011. Upon registration, you'll be receiving their review materials and assessment tools ahead of time even before classes begin.The review for me was very informative and the instructor has his style for you to remember important things relevant for the exam. They'll teach you ways to review on your own. Tell you your weakness and assess you further if you're ready or not. I took the exam May 2011 but I failed on my first take. I was very aggressive that I only reviewed and prepared for less than a month. I never gave up, I popped out all my materials again, reviewed and when I decided to take the exam again, I did what the instructor said to answer as many practice questions I can, so I did. Now, I am in the roster of the Board of Registered Nursing as a Registered Nurse of California.
    So, are you looking for a place to review? Do you want to overcome NCLEx-RN? Then, you better get yourself moving and register with AMERICA HEALTHWAYS.