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  1. Hello everyone. I was on this site a while ago when I was studying, I took the NCLEX and I failed. I had noticed there was a review going around the site. If anyone has access to this review can they please send it to my email? Thank you all so much!!!
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  3. by   syalissa
    What's your email?
  4. by   larry429
    sorry, that would help wouldnt it? its Thank you so much
  5. by   Miniangel2
    Quote from syalissa
    What's your email?
    @Larry-sorry to hear that, get back to studying and You will Pass! I failed too! Goodluck and never give up! @ syalissa- can you pls forward to me the Review my e mail add is ~Big Thanks~
  6. by   larry429
    Thanks miniangel, goodluck to you too! we can do this!!!!!
  7. by   syalissa
    Im emailing it now!
  8. by   Dordol123
    Quote from syalissa
    Im emailing it now!
    Syalissa ...
    I also wanna request you ....
    Thank you soo much
  9. by   syalissa
    Just sent it to ya dordol123
  10. by   Miniangel2
    Quote from syalissa
    Im emailing it now!
    million Thanks to you! GOODLUCK..!!
  11. by   ereyes24
    Quote from syalissa
    Im emailing it now!
    Hi syalissa can you send it to me also if its ok
  12. by   livingthelife
    could you please email it to me also
  13. by   syalissa
    Thank u! Good luck as well!!! :-)
  14. by   kmp5
    Could you please send the review to me, as well?

    Thank you!