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NCLEX results PV Trick JUNE 2012

  1. 0 Hi, I took my NCLEX on Thursday Morning, it is now Sunday morning (3:30 a.m.) and still no results. (43 hours after the exam)

    How long did it take to get your quick results? I tried the PV trick several times and it did not take me to the CC page. Hope that is a good sign!

    My test was 75 questions, about 25 - 30 of them were SATA questions!!! When I walked out of the PV center I felt absolutely certain that I had failed the exam. I felt like the questions were extremely difficult. I don't think SATA questions should be on the NCLEX. They are stupid BS questions that people are certain to miss about 99% of the time!

    I'm still waiting for my results to show on the PV website. all the waiting is sooo hard!
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    I guess the PV trick really works. Pass!
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    48 hours minimum.. just took NCLEX on the 21nd and did the pearson vue trick for two days straight and got the same response "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam" and found out today that I passed!!!!!! yayyyy!! ) but I did walk out the exam thinking I bombed it horribly lol
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    on a side note: I found a post two days ago on another site from someone that too NCLEX with their friend. The PV trick let one of them get to the CC screen, but not the other. The one that got to the CC screen failed and the other passed.
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    good luck i'm sure you passed!!

    does anyone know if the stupid SATA questions if they mark you based on if you got some of them right or not or is it completely all right or all wrong.
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    Hi! I took the nclex yesterday at 2:00 and I ran into an old friend today at the store and she told me about this trick. I know it may be too early, but it didn't let me go to the credit card part. I saw some people say that the pop up was saying that they previously passed. Mine said "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another exam cannot be scheduled at this time." Does this mean that I didn't pass??? Does it mean that I have to be patient and wait longer??? AAAAAHHHH THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!
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    To answer someone questions...sorry I didnt use the quote reply...SATA questions are either right or partial points.
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    ok so for this PVT trick i take my boards tomorrow and i want to make sure i do this right... if i go to the site now i can see where i'm scheduled for my test and then i can Resechedule or Unschedule a test.... once i take it do i go to the reschedule link and that is where i'll get the good pop up ???
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    I took the NCLEX yesterday in Arkansas and am so worried about my results. To my great surprise the test cut off at 75 questions. I feel like I failed but it seems that most people feel that way. I tried the "trick" and got the good pop up but am not convinced that it is accurate. Anyone know how long it will take for the Arkansas State Board of Nursing to list my name in its registry? Arkansas does not participate in quick results... And I might go crazy waiting two weeks for the mailed results!
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    Passed! Found out two days after taking it.
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    Hi docomo,
    I took the nclex today and I had 26 Sata question out of 85 questions. Have you seen someone with that much sata and still fail nclex?