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NCLEX Questions

  1. 0 The nurse is reviewing a client's labor and delivery summary. Which piece of data should alert the nurse to the possibility of physiologic jaundice in the newborn?

    A.) The birth was precipitous.
    B.) A vacuum extractor was used.
    C.) The mother received an epidural.
    D.) Maternal blood type is B positive.
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    What do you think?
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    I would guess "A"
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    B, because it would likely cause a hematoma and a pool of blood in the scalp. At least that's my "educated guess".
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    I think its A though because a precipitous birth is labor that is less than 3 hours. This can cause trauma in the newborn & will contribute to hyperbilirubinemia.
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    It's B!
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    I would said its "B"
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    The key word thats standing out to me is "physiologic jaundice"

    Differentiation of physiological vs. Pathological is key and im a little stumped here
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    I thinks its A because the baby will start breast feeding much sooner and that is a primary cause of physiological jaundice?
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    All I can say is B, C and D were all a part of my Labor with my son & he came out jaundice...I am B+, he was vacuumed out and also I had an epidural..
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    I asked my nursing instructor & she told me that the answer is A because the precipitous birth is going to cause bruising which will cause jaundice. She said it wasn't B because the vacuum just causes edema.