NCLEX PN tomm at 10:30 am!! OMG!!! i hope i can sleep tonight - page 7

yep! u read it! its finally here and im feeling sooo anxious inside. again, from my previous posts, ive been out of school for a year now. My dumb mistake!! I was burnt out, my fiance and i bought a... Read More

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    Hi slc05,
    could i get a copy of the review, i will be taking my 2nd attempt this january
    email (underscore after D)
    thank you

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    Hey everyone.. I graduated December 2012. I am scheduled to take the NCLEX in February. Congrats to everyone who passed their NCLEX. I hoping to follow the same path. Can someone please send me a copy of the study guide that is going around. Please. Please send to . Thanks I really appreciate all the help.

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    Hi, I am new to this forum. Graduated in may of 12. Will be taken nclex soon can someone plz send me the study guide that afloat
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    @queenzeus how was boards?
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    I want to thank LadyBrtitt for taking the time out and emailing me the study guide. I'm jumping rite on it 2nite @ work.
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    Can some one send me the link to nclex3000 thanx
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    What is the study guide everyone is talking about? I'm taking my nclex pn in a couple of days, can someone please send it to me? Thanks a tons!
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    can you send me a copy of the study guide too please. thanks so much
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    I keep hearing about this study guide and nclex 3000 can someone please send the info I take my boards in feb thank you

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