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NCLEX PN stopped at 205 questions, PVT-- good pop up - page 2

Hey all, So I took the NCLEX PN today, and I stopped at 205 questions.. I really think I failed... but the ONLY thing that is keeping my hopes up is the PVT, So far each time I do it I am getting... Read More

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    Do you live in NorCal? If so...lucky!!
    I'm all the way down in LA County a loooong drive away!
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    Hi I can't send you a message but my email I'd is
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    Got the official letter in the mail: I passed!!!
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    i took my nclex pn today and i'm trying to register with pearson but it says "our results indicate that you have recently schedule this exam. Another registeration can't be made this time. Can someone plz tell me how does good pop up looks like ? my heart is beating fast and negative thoughts are keep coming in mind
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    U passed