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Hey all, So I took the NCLEX PN today, and I stopped at 205 questions.. I really think I failed... but the ONLY thing that is keeping my hopes up is the PVT, So far each time I do it I am getting the "good pop up", but... Read More

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    So I took the nclex Saturday July 20 and just tried the PVT this morning and got the "good pop up"
    Hope this is good news!! Will keep everyone poster

    As far as the test goes: I got 205 questions, took me about 4 hours to finish.about every 5th or so question was alternate style, mostly SATA.

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    I am very very very very very very sure you passed!! Just be patient now and wait for the official results, but trust me this is good news! Congratssss <33333
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    Also guys I wanted to add.. So i posted before that I got the letter saying I passed but that my licensing process was delayed, well I called BVNPT and the lady said It probably isn't a big deal and that I should have my official letter very soon, about a week, or less later, I had the OFFICIAL pass letter =] After I got the letter, a couple days later I actually drove to Sac. ( I'm from Cali) to pay my fee and also get my temp license. It was so quick, and I got the temp license right away, just make sure you take your candidate report. About a week later, I got my official license in the mail. The process was very very fast for me, and I honestly think it's because I drove to Sac to pay the fee. I highly recommend, whoever lives in Cali to drive there and do everything in person because if you send your fee through the mail, sometimes it takes months to hear back. There was this girl there who said it had been almost a year since shes graduated and passed the NCLEX and sent her fee in the mail but didn't hear back. So PLEASE guys if you can, drive there. It is SO worth it. Good luck to you all <33333
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    Do you live in NorCal? If so...lucky!!
    I'm all the way down in LA County a loooong drive away!
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    Hi I can't send you a message but my email I'd is
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    Got the official letter in the mail: I passed!!!
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    i took my nclex pn today and i'm trying to register with pearson but it says "our results indicate that you have recently schedule this exam. Another registeration can't be made this time. Can someone plz tell me how does good pop up looks like ? my heart is beating fast and negative thoughts are keep coming in mind
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    U passed

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