NCLEX-PN on Thursday! Ati help? I'm so nervous..

  1. I'm flipin' SO nervous about my test this thursday! I graduated Oct. 2011 I admit I did not study that good over winter break I did go to a review class once per a week. I've been studying like crazy for these last 2 weeks, but I feel like i'm getting a cold so I slowed down my studying.
    I took ATI through out my nursing program and took the comprehensive final (% of chance to pass the test on the first time) and I scored a 96%.
    Any tips, study guides, hints on what to study for the next 2 days before my test??
    Also, does ATI really help??
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  3. by   diana2520
    no better tips here, just wanted to "wish you all the best" stop freaking out, you have studied and iam sure you will be okay. please share your story after . Everyone who has shared their story is encouraging to others.
    make sure you go over you lab values and infection control.
  4. by   mandyjean
    ty so much :heartbeat
  5. by   fxmama
    I agree! Prioritization, Infection Control, Meds, Lab Values, name it you need to study it! Don't freak out about it. I know I felt completely unprepared walking into that testing center. I walked out swore I failed, came home did the PVT and got the good pop up. No official result yet seeing I just took my test on Friday Feb I am in California so I will be waiting for a while. I wish you the best of luck and try to do something nice for yourself. I went and got a Pedicure the day before my test
  6. by   mandyjean
    I live in California to! I'm going up to San Francisco tomorrow! And that's funny I just went and got my hair done i'm leaving tomorrow..
    Thanks for the great advice guys!