NCLEX-PN on Thursday! Ati help? I'm so nervous.. NCLEX-PN on Thursday! Ati help? I'm so nervous.. | allnurses

NCLEX-PN on Thursday! Ati help? I'm so nervous..

  1. 0 I'm flipin' SO nervous about my test this thursday! I graduated Oct. 2011 I admit I did not study that good over winter break I did go to a review class once per a week. I've been studying like crazy for these last 2 weeks, but I feel like i'm getting a cold so I slowed down my studying.
    I took ATI through out my nursing program and took the comprehensive final (% of chance to pass the test on the first time) and I scored a 96%.
    Any tips, study guides, hints on what to study for the next 2 days before my test??
    Also, does ATI really help??
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    no better tips here, just wanted to "wish you all the best" stop freaking out, you have studied and iam sure you will be okay. please share your story after . Everyone who has shared their story is encouraging to others.
    make sure you go over you lab values and infection control.
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    ty so much :heartbeat
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    I agree! Prioritization, Infection Control, Meds, Lab Values, name it you need to study it! Don't freak out about it. I know I felt completely unprepared walking into that testing center. I walked out swore I failed, came home did the PVT and got the good pop up. No official result yet seeing I just took my test on Friday Feb I am in California so I will be waiting for a while. I wish you the best of luck and try to do something nice for yourself. I went and got a Pedicure the day before my test
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    I live in California to! I'm going up to San Francisco tomorrow! And that's funny I just went and got my hair done i'm leaving tomorrow..
    Thanks for the great advice guys!