NCLEX Passed; My Kaplan Story

  1. Hello Fellow Nurses or soon to be nurses.

    I took the NCLEX Oct 19, 2012 and as of Oct 22, 2012, I can now call myself an RN. I used Kaplan to prepare for the monstrous test. Any who, I wanted to post my test score because prior to taking my test, I liked to see others' progress in relation to my own so I hope this helps you as you continue to study. People say don't focus on scores, but try to learn from your mistakes. However, scores mean a deal to me and probably to others too. So scores as follows:

    Kaplan On Demand

    Diagnostic Test- 56

    Qtrainer 1- 87
    Qtrainer2- 79
    Qtrainer3- 56
    Qtrainer4- 63
    Qtrainer5- 61
    Qtrainer6- 65
    Qtrainer7- 66

    Qbank average- 66% with unused + incorrect and 100% complete

    Sample1- 52 Sample3-67

    Readiness- 59

    I also used Kaplan's strategy book which I found very helpful. To me, the book went further than just using the decision tree and taught me how to answer questions depending on the style of the question. I also had Kaplan audio on my cell phone and would listen to this on the way to work. Many times I would listen to topics, pause, and say aloud to myself what I remembered. I do feel content is important, but also knowing how to answer the question is just as important. Typically, if you see the words only, all, entire, always, or every, these words found in an answer choice are most likely to be false. Read each question thoroughly; all 4 answers can be plausible in different scenarios so make sure you read the stem carefully. Concentrate on one item at a time and do not stop trying. Talk to yourself (probably silently), and think to yourself "what does this mean?" Run through each rationale and reword difficult questions. Read all options before you select the correct answer because you will not know the correct answer until read them. Eliminate the options that are obviously wrong and then select only from the remaining options. Relate each option to the stem. Don't forget to use your priority setting- ABC's and Maslows. I did anywhere from 150-400 question a day 4-6 days a week for about 1-2 months. I would not say practice makes perfect, but it sure does make you better at answering questions.

    Really hope this is helpful and Good luck to you all.
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    Did you get the NCLEX-PN Qbank + Review Book?

    Let me know so I can buy it. I need to pass my nclex.
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    I did NCLEX-RN Review - On Demand which is pretty much like doing the classroom review, but the review is just videos online vs a live classroom or in person. It seems that NCLEX-PN doesn't have an On Demand. If you don't feel that you need the classroom review, then just go for the Qbank + Review book. I really felt that doing qbank questions helped prepare me for the real test and any questions you get wrong, just refer back to the book given or online.
    I did all the videos. Having the educator answering the question with me by looking at the choices was tremendous for me. They broke it down, and explained why the wrong choices were incorrect, and why the one that was correct made more sense. Also, the review on pharmacology was awesome.
    Remember to JUST answer the question, if you have to make up things in order to make that choice fit, then you are adding information that is incorrect.
    I also highly recomment Prioritization and Delegation by LaCharity. It is MUST. There is a lot of "who do you see first" and "delegation" in the exam.
    Another thing, is if your Kaplan is up and you need extra time, they give you up to 30 days more for free. That is what one classmate did. She also paid Kaplan in installments as she could not afford to do it all at once.
    I also did ATI, since school incorporated that in our program, but I did this one the last week before the boards.
    All in all, doing all these three things helped. Passed on the first try in August and looking for a job.
    Good luck to you.

    PS... The so called - All nurse study guide, that is not official, helped too as I would take it out on lunch breaks and such.
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    Congrats, good job. You really are a hard worker 300-400 q's a day is a lot of work. You no doubt, deserved to pass.
    Thanks for your advice.
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    Power to you. Go and snag that JOB.
    How much time are you giving yourself before the RN dive-in ?.
    What do you intend to study before then ?.
    Quote from benBELLA94

    How much time are you giving yourself before the RN dive-in ?.

    Not sure I understand the question?

    What do you intend to study before then ?

    I intend to pursue my BSN that is for sure!!!!
    Finding a job is becoming very hard down here.
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    Congratulations! Scores mean a lot to many people and your Kaplan scores are VERY high. My Kaplan (also my nursing instructor) wanted our scores to be in a specific range but not as high as yours-good job! We were taught throughout nursing school to answer questions based on the Kaplan concept-position, O2, IV, I the nurse assess, priority & delegation, sickest patient first, stay with the patient, ABCD, if 2 answers are opposite one is correct if 3 are similar the one that is different is the answer...etc. This helped us greatly when taking the NCLEX and my entire class passed. I passed in 75 questions and 1 hour 15 minutes (longest 1 hour and 15 minutes ever!!!!). Honestly I did not study near as much as you did (great job though!) I just wanted to get it done. I graduated May 25, finished Kaplan May 30 and took NCLEX June 12.
    Congratulations to you and everyone else who has passed or will soon be passing (yes think positive!) the NCLEX soon. Be proud!
    I find Kaplan to be THE best prep program and it doesn't hurt that the trainers look JUST like the NCLEX exam!!
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    @ mcasborn, I sent you a PM. Thanks.