NCLEX...need some suggestions!! Advice is greatly appreciated!!

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    I will be graduating in 2 weeks from the BSN program and is very very anxious about nclex. I plan to take nclex at the end of June or early July. What helped you guys study the most? Now that I've gotten my temporary license, I'm starting to think if I should wait until after I take boards or should I go ahead and start working on my temp license?

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    Take the NCLEX as soon as possible after your graduation.Before your test practice a lot of questions and read their rationals. The book that helps me the most was the PDA from La Charity. I had in addition the NBSCN review course for 50 Dollars and took all questions from that! Very close to the NCLEX. Kaplan and Hurst.

    You can do it
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    Thank you so much! I already have LaCharity because my teacher required it for her course. I'm taking Kaplan review 3 days after graduation. I'm also using Saunders and Davis Q&A books. I really appreciate your advice !
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    Thank you so much! I'm taking Kaplan review 3 days after graduation! I already have LaCharity because my teacher required it this semester. I also have review books by Saunders, Lippincott, and Davis! I really appreciate your advice !
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    just go and do your best. good luck
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    yeah Kaplan is the closest to the NCLEX...
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    Thanx everyone for the advice!! All I can do is study and pray!
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    Do the Hurst. It is interactive and she has a GREAT teaching style. She helps you understand why the answer is what it is.

    You can do practice questions till your eyes pop out and still fail. It is best to understand the the question makers.
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    Thank you! You guys are very helpful!!
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    Kaplan (do all the q-trainers and at least 80% of the questions) and LaCharity...worked like a charm!

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