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  1. NursieDP

    Is this a crazy idea?

    You should not even try to comment about a hospice nurse if you arenot one. that was in poor taste.
  2. NursieDP

    Hospice on call setupd

    Hi there, I am gathering info for our consultant about other hospices in the area and how they run their on call programs with a census of around 150-300. How many on call nurses they have How many triage nurses What hours/shifts they work Do they do admissions or have admit team? Do RNCMs take on call What is their average census? Average # of visits per nurse/per shift Any info you can provide would be great, and if you have knowledge of any other hospices, that would be great THANKS in Advance!!!
  3. NursieDP

    Glioblastoma advice

  4. NursieDP

    Good deaths versus bad

    Who has suggested the devil has a part in this? That is just awful. If there is a higher power I'm sure he would be accepting even if the person did not believe in him. Don't worry about the visions, little children and the dying can see such things. It was probably loved ones already passed. The feather thing is interesting, just look at it as "someone" trying to comfort you and let you know you we're not alone.
  5. NursieDP

    End stage Alzheimer's

    The family will sometimes not tell you that they are still eating so they can get signed up.
  6. NursieDP

    Parkland ER Residency July 2013

  7. NursieDP

    Parkland ER Residency July 2013

    To quote the great movie The Wedding Singer, "That would've been nice to know YESTERDAY!"
  8. NursieDP

    Parkland NICU or L&D resident summer 2013 applicants

    I'm there with you. Off to work for a company that gives a hoot.
  9. NursieDP

    Critical Care RN with BSN want to move to Hospice

    I got into nursing to do hospice. I worked in ICU to get experience with disease processes.
  10. NursieDP

    Parkland ER Residency July 2013

    This is a bunch of crap
  11. NursieDP

    End stage Alzheimer's

    My old company had a lot of pts like this, and sad as it may seem, it seems to be taking advantage of Medicare.
  12. NursieDP

    Critical Care RN with BSN want to move to Hospice

    No no no
  13. I have seen the same things. I am about to start with a non profit so maybe things will be better.