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nclex kaplan vs drexel

  1. 0 I wanted to know from everyone who has passed ncelx rn using these review courses which one is better. Kaplan or Drexel and what you liked/disliked about each one. They are both being offered here for me locally and I can't decide which one to choose. Any advise would be appreciated.Thanks!
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    I must admit I had not heard of the Drexel course until I stumbled accross some lectures that were posted on Youtube. There is one lecturer that I watched and have saved the lectures, she is superb. however, I am in the UK and not sure this is available in the UK so I have just signed up to the Kaplan course. I did a lot of research before i parted with my money though. A lot of people said how different the questions were to Saunders and how the Kaplan is much closer to representing the NCLEX exam. So far I am impresed with it, the Question bank is very good to build up your stamina, hope that helps
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    I went to a kaplan site yesterday and they gave me a NCLEX Pre test Exam and I scored a 74% on it. I think the representative was telling me last night that Kaplan recommends a 80 % or above pass rate for their preparation test for NCLEX.. Can anyone elaborate on this I would appreciate it.
    I do agree that Kaplan questions are more application/critical thinking which you need for the NCLEX exam. Good Luck....
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    Wow! that is a fantastic score! well done! . i would really appreciate some tips as I am feeling so dispondent about it at th moment. I am studying and revising so hard. I reckon i am doing at least 4-5 hours revision a day. I have just done one of the tests in my Kaplan programme, thought I was understanding and doing really well, but when I went to evaluate it, I got 45% I was really gutted, as I am clearly not getting something right .

    Can I ask how you approach the questions as it sounds like you could give me some good pointers!!

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    eternalsunshine.... i went to my school's library and rented the kaplan review book 2008 - 2009. it's about 300 pages included is test taking stradigies and their is a pretest that you can do in the book. i believe it's 180 ques pretest. the book comes with a cd as well. i will do questions from the cd tommorow. anyway, this kaplan book helped me alot/ also read your rationales because sometimes after you answer a question wrong , the rationales really explain where we went wrong( keep a note book handy so that you can write down the things that you got wrong and go over it thats what i do) ... also i have a book that i purchase from the evolve website leadership, prioritization, and delegation... it's an awesome book. only 23 dollars i believe. those are my two best books. along with saunders as my last resource... i hope this hepls.. don't be discourage... someone told me to stay positive and confident...
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    Thank you bariq

    I am doing the NCLEX Kaplan course (I have just finished reading (thoroughly) one of two books that came with the course package - 550 pages!!!) It was exhausting!

    I am guessing you are a US Nurse? which is why you might be finding it easier, i am a UK Nurse and our training in my opinion is very poor .

    Anyway, just done another on line test and got 63% this time which cheered me up a bit. I wouldn't mind if i wasn't really studying putting in the hours and studying really hard, but I am

    Thanks again

    when are you taking the test
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    WOW 500+ pages... thats great... I know the review books tend to be overwhelming... trust me ; i understand how you feel....
    See 63 % your score is improving... thats great...
    I submitted my paperwork in Dec for NCLEX; I am just waiting for my ATT....
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    Any review course will be helpful if a person takes it as the basis for their study plan and works hard on their own.