NCLEX Kaplan tipbids: After taking 265 qs and pass!!

  1. After sitting for 6 hours, my head was twirled up-side-down. I thought that I was set to fail. Obviously, my self-conscious was wrong.

    I waited until monday evening to log into PearVue to find out my test result. (I took it on Saturday and started new job on Monday). My mother espeically drove to my apartment to be with me while we found out. It was scary. My hands were shaking when I typed in my credit card info.

    Anyways, I would say the best way to do NCLEX if you're unsure about your study ability, minus well pay $300-400 to Kaplan, seriously, that money is worth of it. As a RN, you make $24/hr initially. Your first week of work will pay that right off. I did a complete Kaplan review course in 2 weeks. I started reading the course book back-and-forth as soon as I received it in the mail. When the classed began, I already knew most of the materials. In class, I just focused on testing strategies. (You will need to do alot of work by yourself. No on can do it for you. )I also borrowed the Lippincot's Review book from a professor, but did not use it once. It is too comprehensive. NCLEX is not testing you the facts. Although you need to know the basic A&P for sure and new materials built through nursing school, but they don't want you to memorize EVERYTHING. Plus Kaplan's course book was like a life savor for me. It has informational categorized into tables. So, for me (a visual learner), it was easier to study.

    On my test, I got lots of psychosoical,meds, and basic med/surg. You won't believe the amount of "ALL-you-can-apply" were in my test. And, I got ZERO calculation questions. Man, that test was brutal.:trout: Even the proctor felt sorry for me when I walked out. "You finally can go home now!" she said. That weekend was also Sea-fair, Blue Angels weekend. Everyone was out to watch crazy hydro-planes and jets flying around.
    ****make sure you don't take too much time for breaks. The time would keep ticking! Estimate how long you will need to finish if you have 265 questions.** I clicked my last question just a minute before the time ran out. Overall, I took break twice, but the second one was much shorter b/c I realized " I might get 265!" ****Don't feel panic. If you can still keep a clear mind, you are still winning.*****

    If you're taking Kaplan, here are the tipbids:
    1. Do the content review online prior to class.
    2. Practice the question trainner up to #3 prior to class and save the rest during and after class.
    3. Practice the Q bank through out the month. I did 100 questions/ day from various sources (ex. Saunder's CD).
    4. If you keep getting 50-60% on question trainers, you might be ready. But Kaplan will say no. I was on the borderline from the readiness test. I got 55% overall on the Qbank and 58%ish from the QTrainer.
    5. Do the QT all the way through #7 before you took NCLEX. It will help you to sit through 6 hours of testing. was not fun. But it helps.
    6. Keep it in mind that you need confidence and calmness to handle the test. It is just like working. You need to be smart and confident at the same time, while having the sense of peace.

    For everyone: Be sure to pack water and snacks for the test. You never know how many questions you're gonna get. So, BE PREPARED!

    Good luck,
    Tammy S, RN
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  3. by   ernbabjr
    Tammy S, RN

    Congrats!!:hatparty::hatparty: i wish i pass this exam also..
  4. by   bunnyhunter
    i just took nclex-RN yesterday.
    i also reached til 265. i finished about 8 minutes before the 6-hour period. i had almost 20 SATA's & many prioritizations on the first part of my exam. but in the latter part, there was almost about med-surg..i think those were a lot basic. this make me lose hope to pass. i also had about 5-6 computations.

    i enrolled in a review center. i took the kaplan Q-Trainer. i scored an average of 54-55% only on all the 7 tests. i made sure i finished all the 7 tests. it did help me a lot in building my stamina for all the 265 questions, which i never thought i really would be experiencing. i had read the whole of saunder's 4th edition & did some practice tests with its cd.

    there was also something else that makes me feel i failed. i was the last one who finished among all the test takers. when i was about to leave, the proctor called me and asked for my name for the fingerprinting. since i was near the computer of the proctor, i was about to point my name on the screen, i read a "FAILED" word beside my name. the next name <which was under my name> also has the FAILED word beside the name, the third one has the word PASSED beside it. i was still on denial when i went out of the building. it only sinked in my mind the moment i rode in our car. upon arriving home, i read the pamphlet given in the test center just before we took the test. it says in the first part, "HOW ARE THE RESULTS PROCESSED? part of the quality control process, every nclex examination is scored twice: once by the computer at the test center and then the result is verified after the examination record has been transmitted to pearson vue..."

    because of the latter, i conditioned myself already that i failed already in order for me not to get that much frustrated & disappointed upon receiving the official result.

    CONGRATS LIANGCHIA! i hope i could also pass..

    im still hoping for the best. although i feel that there's a big chance of failing on my part, i still keep a little flicker of hope..which is from God.

    -bunnyhunter-...ventilating my feelings...
  5. by   laronda134
    I had no idea that the procto knew the results at the test center. That' scary.:imbar
  6. by   gwafuh_rn
    congrats liangchia
  7. by   bunnyhunter
    yeah..i saw it in the computer of the the proctor..i hope i was just hallucinating that time..
    im still hoping for the best. God bless us all..
  8. by   tjosh
    HOLY COWWWW!!! Oh I just finished the nclex 2 hrs ago and im really scared now..i finished all the 265 questionss... please pray for me and please help really panicking...what should i do???? please guys please...why 265??am i dumb? why not 75 and pass? oh God... Please Lord please everyone help me... please