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Hi everyonePlease include me in your prayers. I will be taking my nclex in 6days and I am so nervous at this moment. This will be my second attempt after 45days. I just did my diagnostic test for the... Read More

  1. by   inhistime
    to jayz1989

    God Bless you Trust God and keep posted what happened to your exam....i will take RN exam also by October.Keep this verse
    Matthew 7:7 " Ask and it will be given to you,seek and you will find,knock the door and will opened unto you".
  2. by   Ellisjc0507
    You have improved much since you last took the DIAGNOSTIC TEST. GOOD job!!! Be encouraged and know that you will be an RN in His timing I am praying for you now. I am curious which study materials you have used for the 1st time you tested and now?? I am also taking NCLEX for the second time on September 11. The first time I tested I just used Kaplan online qbank and qtrainers. This time around I have used PDA, Saunders Comprehensive Review and Kaplan. STay focused and remember God loves you despite your curcumstances in life
  3. by   amandeepkaur
    all the best........
  4. by   Noemi RN
    You will be an RN soon... I can feel it! Just trust yourself and lift all your worries to God, He never fails... Aja!
  5. by   jayz1989
    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your encouragement. This time around I used Kaplan again qtrainers and qbanks. At first when I took nclex I really didn't pay attention reading all the rationales and really understanding the questions. However, when I used pdA by la charity it really helped me with alot of PDA questions on Kaplan and I also encorporated hurst videos to refresh my memories. I take Saunders questions and answers for my comprehensive (didn't really read the book, just the qbanks I use). I also doing lippincotte app for my iPad. If I don't know anything about the topic of the question, I google it and read through the topi,. Then read the rationales. After doing a lot of questions and studying all the rationales I've learned a lot of content as I go through. I also used kaplan strategies and saunders strategies (elimination process if they are common or similar to each questions) if i cant use kaplan strategies to the questions. Thus i think helped me a lot. I really hope and pray they on sept 8 I will be an RN. I will keep you posted everyone. God bless and thak you. I can't wait to pass and be able to help other people like me who is studying for nclex to conquer the monster.
  6. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Good luck to you
  7. by   2011futurenurse
    you will do just fine if your are getting 70 percent on kaplan u have nothing to worry about i got 65 percent on saunders and passed and the kaplan is way harder