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NCLEX in 10 days. Who else?

  1. 0 Hi guys!
    I'm testing on July 23rd and I'm starting to feel anxious . I've thought about changing my date because I won't have time to read the Saunders book & I was really hoping to go through it before the test. Who else is taking it soon? What are your scores?
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    I'm taking mine on the 29th this month :-) my scores arent too good but I'm working on them. Stay positive. you've got this !
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    Just curious as to what your Kaplan scores are on tests 6 and 7.
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    Haven't taken them yet.I'm saving them for the week before my test date!
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    I take mine this Tuesday. My Kaplan qtrainer 6 score is a 64% and qtrainer 7 is 63.4%. Just finished 100% of qbank today with an overall score of 62%!! Ekkkkk!! Getting so nervous!
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    Yeah me too! I have only done QTrainer 1 & 2. I want to do one each day & the 7th around 3 days before the exam. I'm also doing Saunder's, NCLEX3500, & NCLEX4000.

    Qtrainer1= 69%
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    What is the passing average needed in Kaplan on tests?
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    I think they guarantee you will pass if you get more than 65%
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    Our instructor told us that you need a 65% on qtrainer 4 and 5 and a 60% on qtrainer 6 and 7. She said if you have done all of the qbank with a cumulative of 60% or greater you are ready to sit for the NCLEX!
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    Thanks for the info. I will take my qtrainer 6 and 7. My qtrainers are low, do you know if anyone has ever had it cleared out, so they could do the questions again.
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    I was wondering....what are your weakest subject/subjects? I don't seem to learn the pharm. content.
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    Pharm is a tough one. It seems to be on going. I am not great at it, have been working on it since pharm. I just decided to learn the basic drugs, and leave it at that, and the endings and classifications. I use to listen to Feuer pharm, a lot to get the basics down. Hurst also puts out a pharm pdf that first year nurses should know.
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    Safety is always something I have to work on. Any suggestions using ATI or feuer or hurst for safety?