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Hi, all. I signed up for an account just to share my info in hopes of possibly encouraging others the way I was encouraged before my test. I spent hours reading threads about Hurst and PVT and such. First, let me just get... Read More

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    yup2x it does..heheeheh u too congrats!!!!... really thankful of the threads here in helped me to accurately apply for nclex and succesfully passed... even taught me with pvt... ty everyone!!!

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    Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your study tips!!!
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    Thanks RNurse2 !!! Your comment relieved some of my anxiety. I'm taking NCLEX-RN on 01/28!!! And I will definitly purchase the quick view and utilize PVT!
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    RNurse2 congratulations and thanks for sharing!! How did you study for the meds? Did you just study the ones provided by Hurst or did you use other resources?
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    I only looked at Hurst meds and remembered the ones we'd gone over throughout school.
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    That's exactly my plan Rnurse2! Hurst and some practice questions! Taking my test on 01/28!
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    Quote from nurse2b121212
    That's exactly my plan Rnurse2! Hurst and some practice questions! Taking my test on 01/28!
    Hello do u mind emailing me I can't email u."thank u
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    Thank you everyone all for sharing your experienced. I finished LPN course in 2010 with a good result but I have taken PN twice and FAILED, now and am scare of going back since June last year. I dont want to kill my dream of becoming a nurse but am confused on what to do now, sometimes i dont want to read, cause i feall depress about it. Please help any advice you can give i will apreciate it;
    Thank you all in advance

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