Nclex facts throwing for 2014

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    Hello my NURSING Family, I trust that all is well. I once read on this site random facts throwing from 2008 and it was informative. Thank you so much to the one who started random facts throwing in 2008, it was a brillant idea. I taught I would piggy-back off it and start a random facts for 2014. It is like a State Wide and/or International NCLEX study group, where everyone just through out facts from what they studied. I believe we all wish we can meet and study for the NCLEX together but that is just impossible. So, this is a way we can get that accomplish. Feel free to Join in. THANK YOU.


    Screening-secondary prevention

    Pyloric Stenosis-Projectile vomiting

    Hirschsprung's - Ribbon-like stool

    Intussusception- currant jelly stool (Blood & mucus)

    Discard Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) after 24 hrs, (because it good reservior for fungi)

    Arterial Insufficiency- Teach patient to avoid crossing the legs at the knees or ankles because it compresses the vessels in the legs.
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    Great idea!

    In a tension pneumothorax, the tracheal deviation is towards the UNAFFECTED side

    A leak in a ventilator system is indicated if there is CONTINUOUS bubbling.

    NG suction = metabolic alkalosis
    diarrhea = metsbolic acidosis
    hyperventilation = respiratory alkalosis
    COPD = respiratory acidosis

    Respiratory alkalosis = decreased K and Ca

    erdophonium (Tensilon) - drug for myasthenia gravis
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    Phenytonin can alter vit d metabolism and can lead to hypocalcemia
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    Thank you all for sharing. Let us continue.
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    Lithium (Eskalith) for bipolar disorder. Avoid drugs containing Ibuprofen, Sodium Bicarbonate or other Antacid containing Sodium. Lithium level may need to be monitored every two weeks.
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    Nortriptyline (Pamelor) for depression. Adverse effect of Pamelor is sensitivity to the sun. Therefore, one must wear protective clothing and sunscreen when out in the sun
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    MAOIs: PA-NA-MA--Pardil/Nardil/Marplan

    Fat Embolism sign: Petechiae on chest

    Manic pts: finger foods: HIGH PROT/HIGH CALORIES ex: pizza sticks

    Antacids containing ALUMINUM OR CALCIUM---->>> causes CONSTIPATION
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    PVCs= Lidocaine
    AFIB/AFLUTTER: Cardioversion
    Vtach/Vfib: Defib
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    Post-op after aortic aneurysm -monitor pulses distal to the graft site and limit elevation of HOB to less than 45 degrees (prevent flexion of graft)

    Raynaud's and Buerger's - instruct pt. to STOP SMOKING

    Pts. with peripheral vascular disease should elevate feet but not above level of the heart - elevation SLOWS blood flow to feet

    for mechanical prosthetic valve - lifetime anticoagulant therapy is required

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