Nclex did the pvt and got cc

  1. So hurt right now I bust my ### off for this exam I like a failure. 201 questions, I let my family down
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    First of all you are NOT a failure. Give yourself a small break to relax and get back in the game. You can and will pass this exam! Hang in there.
  4. by   Bigmaine33
    Thank you for the support. Im just going to regroup and come back harder and make sure it doesnt happen a secomd time
  5. by   jackdevil
    Hey Man I feel for you. I just found out today after waiting for more than a day and trying the PVT that I didn't pass either...I know you may feel like you let your family down, but you didn't. I feel the same way. We just need to re register and kick the NCLEX's butt the next time around (I'm thinking this but feel really depressed right now)
  6. by   tanyanchlls
    Be strong, it must be/feel terrible but just hang on there, the big part of finishing nursing sch is done, so this is not impossible either. Refuel and go for it.
  7. by   Bigmaine33
    Ah man sorry, so you know what I feel like. I thought you passed. I feel embarassed. Everyone has been supporting me and I did well on kaplin and ati, where did I go wrong. Im thinking if I went to 201 I was doing something right or else they wouldnt let me go that far? The SATA killed me I had 35
  8. by   Bigmaine33
    What did you study with
  9. by   jackdevil
    I studied ATI, Saunders, and Kaplan. I had a lot of SATA questions as well as quite a few meds... I couldn't believe it. Someone told me that if you were getting a lot of SATA questions that means that you were doing good because those questions are suppose to be the harder ones... oh well.
  10. by   Bigmaine33
    I heard the samething, I figure because I got those wrong thats why I failed. The were crazy but I know I was close. Are you going to change your study material
  11. by   jackdevil
    I'm just going to do more questions and try to study with some of my classmates that have yet to take the test and study with some friends how have already passed and just keep pilin in the info...I need about a week off though, I'm burnt out. You?
  12. by   jemmens
    Sorry Bigmaine33. The most important thing is to get take a break, pick yourself up and kick some #### on your second test. From what I have been reading so far the nclex, basically takes advantage of your weakness and the computer tries to give you questions based on that. So since you got alot of SATA, I am assume that may be your weakness and maybe you should work on that next time.

    I have heard good things about this book Strategies for Alternate Item Formats on the NCLEX-RN Exam (9781416038412): Linda Anne Silvestri PhD RN, Yazmin Mojica MSN/MPH MA RN CNS: Books. it focuses on how to answer SATA questions.

    Good luck and I will be praying for you.
  13. by   Bigmaine33
    Im going to read more and focus on knowing more content. I need a break now good luck keep me posted
  14. by   Bigmaine33
    thank you so much for your support and may god bless you