NCLEX after graduated 4 years ago - please help all advice needed

  1. 0 Long story short I graduated as a Practical Nurse Dec 2008, husband (at the time) was deployed and returned from that deployment soon after and we traveled around visiting family for a bit before trying to let life settle back down. I made the mistake of testing immediately after that taking for granted how good I did in school and failed. It was a pretty big let down as it is for most anyone who has gone through that however soon after that my ex-husband basically surprised me that following Christmas with divorce papers and moved out. Devastated does not even begin to describe how I was. In fact, I am just now beginning to move on and have a somewhat normal life 3 years later.

    So now that is out there, I recently called the Tennessee Board of Nursing to get information on retesting. Tn's limit expires after 3 years after graduation however the state of Minnesota is unlimited. At least I am still eligible to test, which was numerous after numerous prayers answered in a single phone call. What I am on here for is asking advice on what and how I should even begin to study in a cramming way to take my test in approximately 90 days.
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    Are you looking for a refresher course? If so, I would suggest doing Hurst Review Online.
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    Hi there, some study tips from someone who took the exam a year after graduating . I read the entire Saunders Comprehensive Nclex Review , I did all of Kaplans Qbank questions and a few other ones I would find online , there is also a few free apps with tons of questions , did about a total of 2700questions . There is also a study guide in one of the forums here I used , that was pretty helpful but most importantly keeping the faith , praying for strength when I felt like giving up. Happy to say I passed the nclex first time with 75questions. Good luck to you

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