Nclex 3500 help please!!!!!!

  1. 0 Hi friends, I need advice , am having difficulty to access online nclexx 3500.
    . Every time after I get into the web and start the test, after couple question the web disappear and it says service is unavailable!
    ! Is there any body knows what may be the problem? I use laptop and my iPhone both have the same problem. Is there any book instead? I know it will be expensive , I need to do Nclex 3500 because am very weak in SATA.Please advice!!!
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    The program is not iOS/Mac compatible. Is your laptop an Apple product? The program isn't designed to work on an iPhone.

    This is the publisher's link to the NCLEX alternate format questions book: Lippincott's NCLEX-RNŽ Alternate-Format Questions | LWW

    use the ISBN# to search eBay, B&N, Amazon etc. to find the best deal. I believe Amazon still offers free 2 day shipping for college students.
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    Thank you so much dear for letting me know
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    Hello, I did not use a Mac when accessing the website and would experience the same problem. I would just press the refresh button (F5) and it would most of the time let me continue with my questions instead of having to start all over.

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