Nclex 1/3/12... Did I pass??? - page 3

Hello all! The suspense is KILLING me. I took my Nclex-RN this am at 8am. I left at 930am after answering 75 questions. I had about 22 sata's, 1math question, and alot of mixed questions including priority/delegation... Read More

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    I passed today in 75 questions and about 35 were SATA. I wanted to blow my head off!
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    Quote from nashcookie
    hey brilliantwonn how many sata did u get and how did you tackle them
    not to just jump in but i tested today and i got like 25-30 SATA questions.

    i couldnt believe it!
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    check pearsonvue again tomorrow- when the red message changes to "you can view your unofficial results for $7.95" DON'T PAY! Just go to your BON site and look up your name under RN or LPN-and your info & new license # will pop up! Good Luck!

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