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:uhoh21: Hello .. I just have 1 1/2 weeks to go before taking NCLEX. I have been studying and doing questions but i have been getting 58-64 % of them right. I am going to have a heart attack because I feel I am not prepared.... Read More

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    Hi Melanie, is very nice to read your post, actually we are almust in the same stage i am planing to take the Nclex sometime around the end of May or June, I can tell you that I just got Saunders 2005 just awesome, for me the best so far.

    I can say that I got all the Nclex review books under the sun, just crazy, I wanna pass this, I wanna be over this step in my life.

    If you want we can keep in touch, interchange questions etc.

    ULices from Brooklyn NY.
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    I passed !!!!!!!! It feels great!!! :hatparty:
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    Quote from rn29tobe
    i passed !!!!!!!! it feels great!!! :hatparty:
    congratulations rn29tobe! so happy for you!:smiley_aa

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