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My NCLEX story... - page 4

I've always loved reading success stories from this site, and it really helped me get motivated. Now it's time to share mine, and hopefully my story will inspire someone somehow. A Little About... Read More

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    Please don't ask for copyrighted materials on the forums, or they'll close this article. Thanks.
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    Quote from Nurse_AR415
    Congrats RN, how long did u study for the test?
    I studied for 2 months, 5 days a week, 4-6 hours a day.
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    I love your story! I'm in my second semester of nursing school (med Surg) and it's becoming more and more challenging every week. I also pray a LOT before my exams. I've never known test anxiety until I began this semester. Lol Thanks for sharing. It helps me realize that this is no cakewalk. Perserverance and dedication are key to success. :-)
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    Congratulations! GOD is good all the time. i have the same stories as yours (graduated years ago before i passed nclex)..