My daily log for NCLEX-RN exam - page 15

First of all i want to thank one1morestep for such an inspiration as i used to follow her log everyday.So,this time i wanted to start my own log.I will post my daily achievement in here to keep... Read More

  1. by   lhadaway
    Finished NCSBN lesson 3 "Health Promotion and maintenance" 1st 15/20, then 17/20, then 19/20
    Saunders CD:
    antepartum 18/28
    postpartum 9/10
    cultural diversity 5/10
    developmental 8/10
    end of life 7/10
    perioperative 6/10
    safety/infection 6/10
    mental health 6/10
    ethics/legal 9/10

    Nurseceline2012- I dont know how far Lake Worth is from me... I'm in jacksonville (i'm assuming your on the panhandle?)
  2. by   Nurseceline2012
    Ihadaway, you're doing great with your lecture. Lake Worth is some 4 hours away from Jacksonville :-(
  3. by   lhadaway
    boooooo! i wish i had a study group here. when is your test Nurseceline2012?
  4. by   Nurseceline2012
    Last week of October, hope I don't reschedule!
  5. by   88nursinglove88
    Mental health feuer audio ( again )
    Mental health pearson questions (25) 60%
    Mental health pearson questions (25) 84%
    Cardiovascular pearson questions (25) 80%
  6. by   bayou
    Kapland 50 questions
    Saunders Q&A 50 questions
    Saunders review newborn content
  7. by   lhadaway
    NCSBN lesson 4 "Mental Health":
    Interactive quiz 8/11
    Post Test 70% then 80%
    Saunders CD-Mental Exam 61% (but i do notice when you click content, they mix it up still with other content)

    Exam Cram Pearson:
    went over Chapter 15 Psych Disorders
    Quiz 7/10

    I accidently looked up other posts on here about studying for the nclex, and i unfortunately came across one that everyone was blogging "they passed with 75 questions and only studied 4hrs for only 1 week..." That put me in negative mode. New day though! Have a good weekend guys
  8. by   Nurseceline2012
    My log for today:
    Hurst: cancer , orthopedic and psychiatric.
    PDA ortho: 62% ( I suck).
    Guess I'm tired, I'm calling it a night.
  9. by   Nurseceline2012
    Hurst video: cancer, ortho & psych
    PSA: ortho 62% ( I sucked). Guess my exhaustion took the best of me; I'm calling it a night!
  10. by   lhadaway
    CH 16 Nclex Cram "maternal/infant" 6/10 on post test
    LaCharity Ch16 Reproductive problems 14/29
    Ch.4 Genitourinary Systems Nclex cram
    Lesson 8E with NCSBN "gastrourinary" 100% on quiz
    LaCharity Ch. 15 Renal and Urinary problems 12/26
    LaCharity Ch.18 "emergencies and disasters"

    sunday was break day....back to the grindstone
  11. by   Aspiring LPN-RN
    How's everyone doing??
    I was unable to post in between as i had to work and will be revising today and tomorrow.
    Please guys keep me in your prayers.
    Good luck everyone!!!
  12. by   ccguidry
    Saunders pediatrics and developmental chapters
  13. by   bayou
    Let us pray for AspiringRN2b, she is going to take the exam on Oct 3rd.

    Dear Lord, please please give her wisdom to solve whatever complicated questions she may come across
    , don't let her worried and you are by her side. You will bless her to pass the exam.