Mosby's Review or Hurst... insight please :) Mosby's Review or Hurst... insight please :) | allnurses

Mosby's Review or Hurst... insight please :)

  1. 0 I've begun reading and note taking on each chapter. It's pretty early in, and I feel like I'm reading a phone book. It's a ton of information broken down into long lists, it seems like I won't remember all of this after a week just because it is so much detailed content (especially on A&P). I'm wondering if I should just do Hurst? (FYI, I finished Kaplan with passing scores and failed). Can anyone weigh in on this book? I've also heard that the questions are too easy? I've read so many mixed reviews...
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    I did the Hurst review and really liked it. If its content that you are having trouble understanding then Hurst will definitely help you. I didn't do any Mosby and I took my NCLEX today. I am still waiting on my results but I only got 75 questions so I am hoping I passed. I felt confident about it. You may want to also check out NCLEX Mastery app. I found that really helpful too.
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    Awesome, thank you so much for the suggestion too! Good luck on your results
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    The Hurst book from Amazon wasn't like the review itself. There wasn't a lot of content in it, which is what the Hurst review covers - It was mostly practice questions. I'd say if content is your struggle, do the Hurst review.