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I am working on the NCLEX RN Reveiw learning extension, I am getting really frustrated and nervous because I am not doing well on the practice post tests (I am getting 55-60% on most of them). I graduated with honors from a... Read More

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    I used the 3 week NCSBN course almost exclusively, and I really only did the practice questions. I took the Saunder's Comprehensive Test the night before the exam, but that's the only other thing I did. I passed NCLEX in 75 questions. I was scoring in the 60s-70s on the NCSBN question banks, but I probably only "passed" about 5 of the exams in total. Still had a few scores in the 50s. Just make sure to read the rationales and you should be fine. I understand how the scores are making you feel anxious, but I really don't think meeting their supposed pass rate has anything to do with whether or not you pass nclex. I understand your anxiety, though. I was freaking out for a couple of days because I knew how much was riding on that exam!
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    I HIGHLY recommend the NCSBN program...they administer the NCLEX. I was very comfortable going into the exam, even though I was nervous when I first started. I felt comfortable, because the wording was EXACTLY like the review program. I also used Kaplan and Saunders, Exam Cram. I used Pharm Flash index cards, then I did the program last to get me fully prepared for the exam. I usually got tests in the 70s, but kept plugging at it. I also know a fellow classmate who did the NCSBN only and passed the first time with the minimum. I passed the first time, and I have TERRIBLE test anxiety...but not so much anymore

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