Kaplan Nclex review VS Hurst Nclex Review

  1. Nclex is coming soon!

    So, i am currently about to finish the nursing program and you know what that means?!
    my ques is more geared to people who have actually taken the newest nclex exam.
    my school uses kaplan as a study tool but, on my own i have personally bought hurst review. I have read up and down about both reviews and know kaplan is geared more toward your test taking skills that will help on the exam and hurst is mostly content base. i know it also depends on what you prefer but! for those of you who took it and have done either review (or both) have you seen the difference? what helped you?

    Thanks for the input!!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   AprilMoellerRN
    I used both! Hurst is a better, more entertaining review of material. Whereas Kaplan had good questions. When is graduation? When are boards?
  5. by   nursemami4
    I used an older Hurst book with lectures, Kaplan 2013/2014, and Saunders cd. I liked Hurst for a great review of content and it does stick in your head. I liked Saunders cd with over 4000 questions better than my Kaplan book which had about 7-8 chapter reviews with like 30 questions and a 265 ques practice test in the back. It also has a cd with an additional 100 or so ques test. For me I liked how Saunders is downloaded on my laptop and I can do questions with the answer and rationale pop right up after you select. I personally didnt think any books are as close to the NCLEX questions however its the repetitive doing of questions that help you learn and retain the info. I would focus on one area at a time and open my Hurst book to that section while doing questions on Saunders cd with noting anything I felt I should know in my Hurst book that was left out.
  6. by   am312
    I am a foreign educated nurse, so I don't really know about kaplan vs hurst or others, what i know it is only because of the reviews I have read online.
    So far, I have been working with a kaplan book, and what I really like are the rationales with the explanation, way more than for saunders for instance.
    But I as wondering how was the Hurst rationales? Because I have learnt so much thanks to them and was thinking using the kaplan oline reviews. What do you think ?
  7. by   Peppermint_RN
    I used Hurst review to study for my nclex I took June 2013. I really enjoyed the live class. They keep it interesting but it's really fast paced. You have to make sure your mind doesn't wander for a second or else you'll miss something they said! They explain hard topics in a simple way. There were quite a few things that made so much more sense to me when they taught it vs my professors trying to teach it, so I think that helped me quite a bit.

    I went to the live class & reviewed the book twice afterwards. I did 4 out of the 6 Q-Reviews (scoring between mid 50's to about low 80%). Passed nclex with 75 questions in less than 30 minutes.

    I do give credit to Hurst for me passing. They gave direction on what to know, how to think "nclexy" and had some test taking strategies. I think content knowledge is they key. You can learn *how* to take a test, but if you don't know the content well, it'll be hard to pass the test!

    Good luck!
  8. by   RN_203
    I used kaplan and Saunders comprehensive to review due to the fact that I didn't like the kaplan study book. I say if you know your content then go with kaplan because you need to know how to answer and break down questions. My friend used hurst and ended cramming due to the fact it was a lot of material to learn. She got 265 questions but passed. I also used Saunders question and answer when I got tired of doing kaplan questions. Kaplan to me was much harder than nclex.
  9. by   futurefotorn
    i graduate in december and i should be taking the boards probably jan-march time.