Kaplan feedback anyone?...failed first time.

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    Does anyone have feedback on their success with Kaplan? Please include which plan you used (Comprehensive or Supplemental packages).
    I failed NCLEX last week and I am considering Kaplan, but would like to know if it helped anyone.
    BTW - According to the results of the ATI predictor test I took in my nursing program, I had a 99% chance of passing - I'm skeptical about the accuracy of their tests! FYI.

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    I think Kaplan will be a waste of money. Basically, you still have to pretty much study on your own. All this tips that they offer are the same as any other book. I took my test last week and I passed, thank GOD. I used NCLEX-RN Review made Incredibly Easy by Lippincott, 3rd Edition. All the tips that's in the book is the same as those of Kaplan, the only the thing is that you have to read them and w/ Kaplan you have someone tell you those tips. That's just my opinion.
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    ..kaplan is not a waste of money. I for one took kaplan Nclex RN complete and scaled Nclex on first time with 75 questions and knew right there that i had passed. You are the only one that knows exactly what you need. If you think you have studied enough content and just need to know how to walk your way to the answers(even when clueless), go for kaplan. Kaplan also has a content review online for frequently tested nclex topics for 3 months (just in case you want to use only kaplan this time). I went for Kaplan and told almost all my classmates to go for it, about half of the class has gone for it and also taken nclex and NOT one of them have failed so far. You don't want to be wasting your precious time on this one test. It's a lot of stress.

    I tell people who say they can't afford the money to buy the Kaplan Nclex RN book and use with Saunders. Most people don't really have the money but just want to get over with this test and so they just squeeze out the money and go for it anyway. It's well worth it! Goodluck!
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    I don't know for sure which one helped me the most with my exam. I used Kaplan Comprehensive Review and Saunders 3rd Edition. I know for a fact that Kaplan helped me with the strategies. Saunders had allowed me plenty of questions to practice on from comprehension level to application. I did mine close to 265 and happy to pass it on the first try.

    So which ever you are comfortable with, go for it. You can't absorb all the nursing contents all these books and programs in the market are offering us. Just remember, it won't hurt to risk because it 's worth it.

    God bless.
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    I haven't taken the NCLEX yet (June 28th) but I will certainly give feedback after I have seen the beast. However, my opinion up until now is that they are entirely 2 different approaches. I am using both. As you can see from many posts the scores on Kaplan questions are lower because they are harder questions (supposedly more NCLEX style) and in my opinion the Saunders is great for reviewing the fundamental knowledge from school. So if you need to brush up or review get out the saunders and take their questions to help assess your knowledge but then do the Kaplan questions to see if you can apply it. Example Saunders question will ask you to identify that dyspnea or orthopnea is a dign of CHF but Kaplan will ask you a question about a CHF patient and the answer is asking where they sleep at night (because you need to recognize that if they have trouble breathing they may not be comfortable laying flat at night and may be sleeping in the recliner)...hope that helps!
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    Quote from steu
    Does anyone have feedback on their success with Kaplan? Please include which plan you used (Comprehensive or Supplemental packages).
    I failed NCLEX last week and I am considering Kaplan, but would like to know if it helped anyone.
    BTW - According to the results of the ATI predictor test I took in my nursing program, I had a 99% chance of passing - I'm skeptical about the accuracy of their tests! FYI.
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    I really liked Kaplan - I got the Kaplan Complete package, which included a week of classroom instruction, as well as thousands of questions in their online package. If anything, I would say get the Kaplan review book that sells for around $40 in the bookstores... I think they have the same basic info in that... and maybe consider purchasing the Qbank (online questions) in a separate package from Kaplan? I'm not sure how much that costs. Go to www.kaplannursing.com and you might be able to find out. I also used www.ncsbn.org and got their 3 week online subscription to practice questions and all. I felt like these questions were a GREAT review. There's like 20 practice tests with 25 questions each.
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    I took the Kaplan Comprehensive Review course and I found the review of questions and the on-line tests the most helpful of anything that I had done to prepare. Kaplan focuses on prioritizing, which was what the majority of my questions were on the NCLEX. I also used Saunders which was fantastic for content. I tried using Suzanne's method but I didn't feel like it was working for me but I understand that a lot of people have had great success with her plan. Overall, Kaplan worked for me! (I passed with 75 questions)
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    75 questions in 35 minutes KAPLAN is it. I did all of the Qbank and trainer Q's and had some of the same ones on the real deal. It took me three weeks to do all the questions, read the rationals but I aced the exam and left confident. I would like to add I did horrible at first on the Kaplan material but really read and kept going. If I didn't know what the heck the Kaplan question was about I looked it up.

    Saunders is great for the ATI and HESI but Kaplan is the NCLEX. I aced the HESI and ATI and the NCLEX was nothing like those tests. If I wouldn;t have mastered the Kaplan I would have thought the NCLEX was hard....

    My NCLEX had 6 multiples, a few drugs, no dosage, but all...who would you see first, what would you delegate, what is most important, who goes in what room.

    I prepared like a marathon runner, stretched before, ate a good meal, hydrated myself.

    GOOD LUCK and relax. Don't let everyone on the board freak you out. I thought the NCLEX was easy but I did the WHOLE Kaplan thing and had I not I would have been VERY unprepared.
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    First let me say I am sorry about your test. I truly know how you feel. Second in my opinion Kaplan is wonderful. Not because it give so much information and just make you know everything, but because it make you think. I personally had tried everything. Saunders, Hurst, NCLEX 3500, you name I got it, but none of those questions even looked like an NCLEX question except for Kaplan. I was lucky a guy in my class who had also failied the test twice gave me his Kaplan online review once he passed his test. Actually he gave it anyone who needed. I went throught the content that I needed to review and then just did questions. They have seven test the last three 5,6,& 7 are very simular to the NCLEX. The wording and style of the questions is what I liked the most. If you are clear on what you need to improve on and you know that it is test taking go with Kaplan. If it is content I would use Saunders and Kaplan. Kaplan doesn't divide the information up into Med/Surg, OB, Peds, etc. It divides it up into Safe Effective Care, Management of Care, and so on. Look I know alot of people have used Saunders and had success, and I believe if you follow a strict study plan with Saunders you will pass, but I think this is true for any of the NCLEX reviews. I hope this helped you a little as I always say, if you have FAITH you don't need luck. I've taken the test three times not once did I quesitons why, I just had FAITH that God know when I am suppose to pass this test. When it is my time I will pass and so will you. Remember God will do his 99.9% if you do your 0.1%.

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