Just took the NCLEX

  1. Just took the nclex. 75 questions took more than 3 hours. Did the trick, got the so called "good pop up", still nervously waiting for the official result.
    Does the trick work for California test-takers?
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  3. by   consuelo_bacolor
    I also took the exam here in California (Nclex-RN) this morning. Got the "good pop-up". Still anxious on how accurate it is. How long can we find out if we pass? Can we go straight to BRN office?
  4. by   ChazzW
    The good pop up means you failed (that's why its called GOOD)..hee hee. Of course silly rabbit you passed. Welcome to the 2014 RN newbie Club

    if you get a pop up that says something like, "Registration can not be done as test results are on hold," this means nothing, just that your test is being reviewed. This is neither good or bad.

    If it says, 'Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam,' and it won't let you schedule a new one, it likely means you passed.

    If it goes to credit card details to let you pay, it likely means you didn't.
  5. by   Tesfanurse
    Congratulations you passed... I got the pop up last week and I officially passed two days later
  6. by   isharRN
    Congrats! I took nclex on Jan 30th. Stopped at 75 and got the good pop up but still waiting on official results. The CA BRN is having some delays so it might be a while till you get your official results. Maybe about 4-5 weeks.
  7. by   givensummer
    But Pearson Vue will show you passed right?
  8. by   SuperMurse
    You passed! I took my NCLEX last week in CA, got the good pop-up, and passed. Everyone in my class that also took the test and got the good pop up passed as well.