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Oh, my, my last thread outlines my journey to this moment and it has indeed been a long one. After studying my butt off for 3 weeks, 6 days a week, 9 hours a day, 200+ question p/day....it took... Read More

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    Congrats!!!! you passed!!!

    Quote from cory334
    Hi, I took mine this morning and I got the good pop up 10 min later in the parking lot I hope it works because otherwise I will be devastated. It stopped at 82 and I had a lot of prioritization questions. Thank you God if this is really true and I passed it! And Thanks to all of you who shared your experiencies here! Good luck to all of us!
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    I hope You are right about me. I am soo happy for you! Congratulations and good luck with your career!
    I cannot wait until tomorrow morning when I can pay to see my results.
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    congrats to u!!! YAYYY! i wanted to ask u, when u said u had like 5 put to order, what kinds of things were they. Like catheters, metered dose inhaler, etc???
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    Please remember that when you take the exam you sign a declaration NOT TO discuss actual exam questions
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    thats why i asked just what kinds of things. it doesnt say can u please tell me exactly which ones u had....
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    The order could be on anything and it will be hard to predict what you will get due to the nature of the exam.
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    Congrats to you!!!
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    The put in orders were basically asking the appropriate way to do a procedure. But it was super easy.

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