Just took exam and PV pop-up with.... - page 2

"The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time." I have no clue if I pass or not. I probably need to wait longer. i did the PV trick 1 hour after finishing exam.... Read More

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    they did not specified, I used the rounding rules I learned from school

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    You passed.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
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    Good luck with your official results.
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    Quote from pmkn10
    For the 2 drug calculations, did NCLEX specify if they wanted you to round your answers (or how to)? Just wondering because on Kaplan q-bank they do not specify.

    yes. they will tell you how to round. I loved it. simple and clear. like "round it to one decimal place.... round it to whole number"""
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    I PASSED !!!!!!!!

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    I also took exam today and tried the PV trick one hour after I took the exam and got the same pop-up! Let's hope this trick works and I also passed!!!!! Congrats!
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    i got this same pop up and freaking out

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