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so i posted on the forum a couple of days ago with my scores and i was pretty nervous but i went and took it test cut off at 75 questions, did the Pearsonvue trick got the good pop up, checked my... Read More

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    Now THAT is a useful post about how to approach preparation for the NCLEX. I am not sure I will be able to follow all your advice about how to prepare, but I am going to try. I can't thank you enough. (And congratulations!)
  3. by   ae03
    Hi congrats on passing! I will take my NCLEX here soon..just curious if the Q trainers were from Hurst?? I have Hurst and have been using it to study along with Saunders 5th ed. book.

    thanks in advance!
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    So i took my examlast week after taking the Kaplan in class course did all the question banks and failed. I studied for hours every day for about 4 weeks. I am getting so down and dissapointed. I wanted to find out from others what they think I should focus on to pass. I was going to get the hurst review from a friend. I just want to make sure I am focusing my time on the best possible resources. Since Kaplan decision tree didn't work for me what will?
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    @ Yoshimitsu Can you please email me the Hurst Lectures, any notes you have and the link to download Kaplan QBank @ sweetnessrdb@gmail.com I have taken this test twice and I spent almost $1000.00 on reviews I cant afford to spend no more money but any help possible is needed
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    Congratulations!Thanks for the tips! I'm using Kaplan Qbank and Qtrainers as well!Just like you, I would read all the rationale of each answers whether I got them right or wrong. Then I would write down the topics that I missed and study them afterwards. I take the test on the 22nd and I hope to post here that I passed the test, too!
  8. by   leinique16
    COngrats on passing the nCLEX. I would like to ask if you know any free website where i can practice nclex questions or any question trainers free out there. thanks