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Took boards yesterday on March 6, 2013, and PASSED on the first try!! Graduated in December with a BSN, and have a job that starts this Monday!! My test was at 2pm..I got to the test center at... Read More

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    Quote from BolBol
    Everyone's NCLEX experience and exam is different.

    Although you state that the resources you used didn't help you, they have helped other people. I do agree that the NCLEX is random, but it's not just "guessing" the right answer. If you know your content, you're much likely to do better. And practice questions can be very helpful. I found PDA by LaCharity to be helpful... you didn't get any delegation questions, but many other people do get them.

    Oh and congratulations. Did your state's BON post your license the next day?!

    I got a TON of PDA and SATA. Going over LaCharity helped me feel comfortable in answering those questions, no matter how vague or whether one has "never heard of" the material. I was able to put the "vague" questions in perspective based on knowledge and test preparation.

    The purpose of studying is to be comfortable with bridging the knowledge and the comfort level in answering the question, especially for myself.

    Whatever you did, it was successful enough for you to answer those questions and pass the first time.

    Congrats!!! This is just the beginning.
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    Hi medman, congratulations. So your telling me that all the study im doing wont help. I am taking nclex soon. I used PDA, saunders, nclex 3500, kaplan strategies, remar review, 35 page review from this site and exam cram. So all of these resources I took wont help.
    ^kemifair, people are relatively different in terms to how they approach tests.

    You have to do what's best for you...What you have done is prepare yourself to bridge your knowledge from NS, NCLEX and have a comfort and confident level to answer the questions. If you are able to do that, then you will pass the NCLEX.
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    As others have stated, you have to do what you feel most comfortable in doing. Everyone's test preparation, test itself, and test afterthoughts will be different...this is the beauty of everyone's individual posts - it gives you several examples of possible scenarios for you. Though studying didn't immensely help me individually, I would never say studying "won't help" because it may for others including you. The big point I was trying to make is that I probably would advise you not kill yourself with a crazy amount of study material, because cramming will not equal success on this test for most people. Prepare with the materials you feel comfortable with, believe in yourself, and go in with confidence! Good luck to all those about to take NCLEX, congratulations to those who have succeeded, and my condolences to those who did not succeed...it is a hard exam, so you are not a "failure". Cheers to you all!!
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    Quote from medman1025
    Thanks! Everyone's post about NCLEX is going to be their opinion based on their individual exam, which is why I said an excellent content base is the best bet to pass, and pointed out what my personal exam was like along with my opinion that studying didn't immensely help me personally.
    I still don't necessarily regret studying because I got the end result I wanted - congrats to all who have passed so far, and best wishes to all us future nurses!!
    How is remar review for u?