Just finished NCLEX RN test

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    I want to cry!!!! I got 75 and not hard qs but I feel that I failed. Is it good or bad finish so quick? Does PVT trick really work and when can do it?

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    Some people are really fast test takers. One of my friends answered his 75 questions in 40 minutes. Do the PVT trick right now then let us know right away! When you log into Pearson Vue make sure it says Delivery Successful.
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    Try the PVT trick I tested with 75Q on Friday and got the good popup. The quick results stated I passed 48hrs later. Try the PVT
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    I just did PVT! It says that I can not make an appointment now, call for assistance and so on! Is it good?
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    Congrats...as long as it said delivery successful under the status...Congrats.
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    Thanks!!! It says before PVT that delivery successful hope to see my name soon among RNs))
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    Congrats!!! if you dont mind ...anything you can tell me that would help me? Taking my exam in 1 week. I have done kaplan and Saunders. Thank you
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    Hi, there! I hope so, still praying I am driving now but as soon as I get home, I will write all info on studying.
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    hey draya i took mines today too and man was it difficult i walked out crying i just knew i failed because i got my last question wrong! i tried the pvt trick and it says our records indicate..contact state board for further assistance! i hope its correct!
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    Congratulations nurses!!!

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