Just finished NCLEX RN 40 min ago... - page 3

i tried the pearson vue trick trick and i got a window that said "the candidate has an open registration for this exam. a new registration cannot be created at this time" did i pass? this is my 2nd try and i had all 265... Read More

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    Did my nclex rn on feb 19th too. I got the good pop up but will only relax when I see the word "pass"! Checked as many threads as possible and it seems that Pearson vue post results 7 days a week and our results will be available tomorrow (Sunday). I just wZnt to go to sleep and wake up in the morning but am too stressed to sleep . Good luck to you all!!
    Last edit by lcd65 on Feb 11, '12 : Reason: I meant 10th not 19th - hit wrong key!

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