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My name just appeared on the website now its official! As promised I will share my experience and materials along my journey. I grew up in CA and went to pi to finish my RN then graduated in 2009. To be honest after... Read More

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    congrats!!! )) how many months did you studied killerbee??? where in pi did you took bsn?

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    Congrats killerbee! You did it! I took my nclex today and got the pop up! Thanks again for telling me about excel review! It actually really helped me this time!
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    @dcmom - thank you! its Makati Med

    @kknurse - no problem! Congratulations!
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    Oh I want to add Hurst helped also.
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    Congrats! I graduated in PI too in Baguio City,graduated 2006, worked in middle east for couple years as a nurse before I moved here in the states, I am scheduled for NCLEX next Saturday at 2 pm..This will be my 3rd attempt, I did self review on my first 2 tests and I think that was my biggest mistake, now I am doing Hurst online and It helping me a lot with content ,kaplan strategy book (2012-2013)and exam cram, I don't know though if I am ready, I will just try it again until I will pass :-)
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    congrats! thank you for sharing your story and encouragement..
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    Oh I studied close to 4 months. You can do it guys just give time to study if you know that you need to refresh your memory! and on the day before my exam my anxiety level went through the roof a friend of mine told me to relax and think that it is just a regular midterm/final exam and for some reason it works haha
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I just passed too! We're nurses Boy does it feel good to not have to study anymore!
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    What is PVT?

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