Infection Control Mnemonics - page 4

hi! i already posted this before and posting it the 2nd time...i made up my own mnemonics, except for the airborne precaution which i copied in the april thread... source: saunder's 3rd ed. ... Read More

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    thank you!!!!!
    Im sure this will help many future test takers
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    Thanks for the clues, I took my NCLEX in August but never got back to thank you for the help, i actually had a few questions this helped me with.
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    bump per request
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    thanks for sharing this info...god bless!!!
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    I love the mnemonics, I wish I came across this earlier. =) I'm going to bookmarked this!
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    Thank you for this!
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    The question that I have is that on the test you will have to put people in rooms with others that have one of these and on the list, as well as the CDC's site, there all listed as private rooms.
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    thanks! i live off mnemonics
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    Thank you! This is great:bowingpur
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    Thanks guys this will be helpful.
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    Thanks a lot))) its very helpful)))
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    Someone gave me this before, but I was confused because a Kaplan question said that Hae. I. Pneumonia was standard precautions...


    so confused.
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    In Saunders they have droplet and contact as private OR cohort client. Mask and standard precautions are the only thing I have for airborne or droplet unless you can expect a situation requiring use of goggles or gown.

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