If Pearson Vue is down, will the trick still work the same? If Pearson Vue is down, will the trick still work the same? | allnurses

If Pearson Vue is down, will the trick still work the same?

  1. 0 I took NCLEX Tuesday, got home and tried the trick, website down. I kept trying throughout the night and was able to get through twice that night and got a pop up that said, "our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance. Another exam can not be scheduled at this time." (I'm on my phone, hope that doesn't change anything).

    I'm a little worried that because of the site being down it'll effect how the trick works. I've gotten through 5 times since Tuesday and received the same pop up each time. On my phone, please excuse any typos.

    Any thoughts?
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    I hope so - I'm banking on it working the same
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    same thing happens to me... i took the nclex yesterday and was trying trying trying and the page was down, but i could do the trick at night and it showed me the pop up.... I just checked the department of health page and when I log in it shows my name and a license number.... I have no idea if it is my RN license number.... :-S im confused
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    yes.... i checked license status and it showed me everything... it says RN license #________ and it says it is active and clear.... and the expiration date..... WOHOOOOOOOOO
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    Congrats! Wish I could get answers that fast!
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    Thanks.... stay Positive!!!!
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    Thanks, I'm trying to!
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    Depending on which test/state you can try checking your board of nursing website. Some states post license numbers within a few days of passing the NCLEX. Other states like NJ and PN for CA it takes 4-8 weeks for a license number to post (and for PN/VN in CA your license number will not post until you receive the pass letter and send back the licensing fee)
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    I'm a nurse! I'm a nurse! That's all I can repeat in my head since I got my results! I passed!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! you see!!! now you have to Celebrate!!!
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