I passed at 75 with Kaplan

  1. I found it helpful looking at this website while preparing for the NCLEX so I told myself that afterwards, I would make a post to help others. I passed the NCLEX-RN on july 8th with 75 questions. I had 10 sata. To prepare, I took the Kaplan course and did the online QBank and question trainers. My scores were:

    QT 4: 59.3%
    QT 5: 60.7%
    QT 6: 59.0%
    QT 7: 62.3%

    readiness: 61.7% (done before the bulk of my studying)

    I did a total of 700 qbank questions. When I first started studying I would get 50s and 60s, but during my last week of studying, something clicked and I started getting high 60s and 70s. Don't let test scores stress you out! I would sometimes get that random 44% on a Qbank test, and it would freak me out. Make sure to do the Sample Test with the alternate format questions. It is good practice for sata questions.

    Also, question trainers 6 and 7 are the most important in terms of how you score on them, because those have the highest level of questions, so aim for a 55 on qt 7, and make sure you REVIEW RATIONALES! I didn't do an extremely in depth review, but I just looked it over. I did not study any content, and I'm happy I didn't because all of the stuff I was thinking about studying, was not on my NCLEX. I had absolutely no OB questions, and no endocrine disorder questions, which is great because those were my weak points. Any other questions you guys might have, feel free to ask! Good Luck!
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  3. by   determine2bdone
    I am taking the nclex next week. You mentioned something clicked and you started to get high scores. What clicked for you?
  4. by   mdelman1
    After I took question trainer 7, I gained a lot of confidence. I felt a lot more comfortable going with my gut feeling on questions that I wasn't so sure about. I stopped second guessing myself as much I guess. It's sort of hard to explain. I think that after you've done a lot of questions, it just starts to become a bit clearer what the right answers are. My belief is that the best way to prepare is to just do as many questions as possible. Hope this helped!
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    Congratulations to you. We are always in need of good nurses!!! Good luck in your future practice! Suzette
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    THANKS for posting this. We have similar scores for Q trainers so I felt much better after reading your post.. I was getting so wrapped up in my scores, as my test is set for Tuesday. I was starting to "Freak out" because I felt that I was starting to do awful. Any advice for the day of the test? I have such bad testing anxiety. I've done so many questions from Kaplan but I feel like I should be doing more, but this last week I was getting that burnt out feeling.

    The day before the exam I don't think I will be looking at a thing. Just making sure to know my values. Some of the questions can be so tricky. and it is hard to not second guess yourself. Wish me luck! I hope to get 75 questions and call it a day!
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    Congratulations to you!!!
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    Thanks so much for your post, and congratulations on passing!!!! I take the NCLEX on the 15th and have been worried about whether I should be doing more content review - there's just so much and you couldn't possibly remember it all even if you did study it. I have been improving with my Kaplan scores and they're similar to yours, so that makes me feel better. Sata questions are definitely my greatest source of stress as I feel like I rarely get them right in Kaplan. Hopefully the sample test with alternate format questions will help.
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    Congratulations YAY YOU!!!!! I know all about the questions clicking something just goes off in your head I think it's the repetiveness of the questions. I took my QT4 test this morning scored a 59.3% as well I thought I was doing horrible then when I seen my score I was so excited so then I started looking here to see is anyone else took the QT4 and got the same score and passed. I will be taking my NCLEX on July 26. I have 527 unused left in the Q bank and 257 of incorrect I plan on doing all those and the rest of the question trainers. I am so happy for you bet it feels good to add RN behind your name.
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    Thank you.
  13. by   mdelman1
    I'm glad I could help! On the day of the test, it is going to be impossible not to be at least a little nervous of course. I sat down at the computer, and the first few questions I had some anxiety, but I just tried to pretend that I was at home in my bed doing questions like I practiced. I love how the kaplan gives you the analysis for each test you take, and I realized that most of the time when I changed my answer, it was from "correct to incorrect" which is no good! Therefore, I decided that unless I was sure I was wrong, I would stick with my first choice. When you're in there, just take your time and take deep slow breaths to slow your heart rate down, so that you can focus!

    If you're feeling burnt out, maybe take a day or two off from studying, that might help! Good luck
  14. by   mdelman1
    The sample test with alternate format questions was a big help, even though I only scored a 30 something percent on it. I am very happy that I didn't spend time on content, I feel like my time was well spent just doing lots and lots of questions.