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I passed! - page 2

For anyone freaking out because of all the people tha are coming here saying they failed, here's one that passed on their first try :) I will be honest, I did not study very much. I did the Hurst... Read More

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    What advice could you give for someone who was an average student in nursing school and a little weak in content although reading over content now and averaging in the 60% on Kaplan questions?!? I freakin out over here with my test coming up on the 15th!!!
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    I don't know anything about Kaplan, as I did Hurst. I really feel that studying test taking and how to answer questions would probably be more helpful, as most of my questions were over content that I didn't really know that well. I had a lot of management and delegation questions.
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    Comgratulations ! u finally jumped over the last hurdle of nursing ..
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    Hi racer15...congrats may I have your email address...when u emailed me my box is full but ill email u..thank u
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    Congrats Racer15!!!! You did it! Gives me some hope, as I am only doing Hurst and practice questions. Good luck in your career as an R.N.!