I pass the Nclex 1st try. Foreigner nurse

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    Before i start must excuse my orthography, since english is my second language.
    I From Dominican Republic living in Puerto Rico. Im a nurse with 3 years of experience. I began my preparation like 6 months ago. Bought saunders book the third edition for content, and hurst review on mp3 format.
    This was my main preparation.

    The test was unexpected because you know the material but the way the question were redacted was like WTH!!!. I felt very confused on lots of questions but I know in question 75 that this was my last. I closed my eyes click and see the blue screen loading.
    Lots of medications(no calculations), Lots of prioriziting, like 10 SATA, like 7 drop in order. 2 or 3 legal stuff, 5 maternity, 2 peds.
    Was very hard but if i do this with my language limitations you can do this too.
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    congratulation ,

    friend, can u tell me how divide ur time to study and reviewing nclex
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    congratulations. :-)
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    Congrats ! Felicidades !

    I live in Puerto Rico and plan to graduate with my BSN in may. I have the saunders book. How long did u study for? just curious im trying to build a study plan . Did u take the exam here ? how long did it take you to receive the results ? Thank you
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    I take the test at the Ponce de Leon Ave. Milla de oro. I did the Pearson Vue trick and it worked. A week later receive my license number on my email.
    I walk listening the hurst review, all the conference twice. Readed a lot the allnurses guide and the threads.
    Honestly i think that saunders was the least that worked for the nclex.
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    Congratulations! I am also a foreign graduate and i am still struggling to pass the nclex rn. I really appreciate your help. I will start to re-read the Saunder's comprehensive again for the whole month then do the questions. My email add: amyvanrich@yahoo.com Thank you.
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    Congrats to you !
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    Congrats!!! I sent you a private massage )
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    I have the mp3 audio from hurst would you say it helped u alot?

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