I have been getting 50% on my QBanks. Am i doing fine?!

  1. Hi. I just want to ask. I have been consistently getting 50% on my QBanks. And I mean, exactly 50. It doesn't go up and down. Im starting to freak out since I'm taking my boards this Feb 13. Can someone help me? Thank you
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  3. by   JennEm
    65% is considered Kaplan's ideal score, but my Kaplan instructor said aim for at least 60%.

    I did 100% of the question bank questions and averaged at 63%. My scores ranged between 58-68%. I made sure to read rationales of BOTH incorrect and correct questions. If there was an area I really was unsure of, I'd open my Saunders to review content. I also tried not to get too hung up on scores. While it's nice to score high, I've seen people here that failed NCLEX with high Kaplan scores and passed with low Kaplan scores.
  4. by   EMEddie
    Honestly, dont pay tp much attention to percentages. Each question you are taking is a learning experience as long as you are reading the rationales for right and wrong answers and UNDERSTANDING the WHYs behind the question and answers.
  5. by   obloom14
    Make sure to do the strategies they taught you in the kaplan courses. It doesn't ALWAYS work only for those that are priorities...that usually helped me but after a couple of doing that you just randomly start answering the questions based on your knowledge (Which was my mistake, I rush through the questions). Make sure to read each rationale and go back to your books to understand more about it. I used saunder's book and 98% of the time I found the answers in that book from the kaplan Qbanks. That book really helps. And don't worry about the percentage...just try to figure out the strategies and how to answer the questions. Good luck!