I graduate in March of 2014 and I'm already nervous about NCLEX-RN

  1. I have more than a year until I sit infront of the dreaded computer screen. What can I do to over prepare? Do you recommend me investing in Kaplan review this early in the game. Academically I'm fine as of now, but I'm literally having heart palpitations and dyspnea. I've heard horror stories of people failing on more than one attempt. I'm really scared about those SATA.
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  3. by   Nicole3d
    I would not sign up for Kaplan yet, but you can get the book to download for free.
    Dont worry about it yet, you still have time to learn the content and get ready for it.
    I am taking my NCLEX tomorrow, believe me, i am scared. You dont know whats going to be on the exam.
    Sign up for kaplan after you are done with school...you'll do just fine.
  4. by   chibiRN
    My school used ATI to prepare us for NCLEX and I found them to be quite helpful. I especially liked the "comp predictor" we took in our last semester. It gives you a predicted probability of passing NCLEX on your first attempt. My probability was 97% & most of my class was at 95 or higher, so I think this made us all breathe a little easier. I also VERY strongly recommend Mark Klemeck's review course. He was a writer for NCLEX for years, so I felt that he really knew what the test was looking for. His review course also had a lot of mnemonics and principles that helped me out a lot. As far as I know, he's Ohio-based but I believe that he gives lectures in other states too. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.
  5. by   YourHero
    Nicole3d, I can only imagine the nervousness that you are feeling.
    They always say don't stress! Just over prepare
  6. by   YourHero
    THANKS FOR THE INFO CHIBIRN, I will check him out