I failed the PNLE 2013

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    I am really really shattered right now. I failed my board exam last Dec. 2013 and I feel very ashamed of it. All of my friends, family, and classmates expected me to pass but i failed. I also have to blame my panicky attitude. I did not ate breakfast that day and I was awaked all night during the 1st day of exams. Although I came from a great really good and well known Nursing School here in Philippines, I still failed the exam.

    I reviewed to one of the finest here in our place and I was a good student back then, during my review days. Although I always tardy and I couldn't get a sound sleep at night. I am extremely dissapointed since I was one of the top students in our section. I just couldn't fathom how I failed. I am torn into pieces last night. And This is my first take and I will take again this coming May 2014. I prayed to God just to pass and he did not grant it.

    I am humbly asking advices to any nurses who had similar experiences with me. I am completely out of words right now. My family was very sad and I was very very sad as well.
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    Give yourself time to recover and start studying again. This time do not tell anyone when you are going to take the test again and quietly go and take the exam. I am a LPN and I went back to school to become a RN. My family was so proud of me and they started to tell others that I was pursuing more nursing education it turns out that things did not go well at all and I am no longer in school. I am now going to pursue my RN online. When you do things quietly there is no expectation from others, there is no disappointment and there is a sense of calm in your spirit. This time focus on studying, have a positive perspective, do all the things you did not do like eat breakfast and you will pass. Be encouraged you can and will do this.
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    MANY nurses fail the first time, some more than that. Don't beat yourself up, give yourself a couple of days to "mourn" and then start that review again!!
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    Thank u for the advices. God bless u all.