hypocalcemia decrease clotting time?

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    i was answering questions in free nclex 500. there was this question:

    The nurse is caring for a client with chronic renal failure. The laboratory results indicate hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia. When assessing the client, the nurse should be alert for which of the following?

    1. Trousseau's sign
    2. Cardiac arrhythmias
    3. Constipation
    4. Decreased clotting time
    5. Drowsiness and lethargy
    6. Fractures

    *my answers were the one i checked. The site says CORRECT answers were Trousseau's sign, cardiac arrythmia, and fracture.... it sayss hypocalcemia increase clotting time.
    I don't understand. I learned from my content review that calcium actually binds with "stuff" (i forgot the thing) to heal the wound and produce a clotting effect. So if calcium is low, wouldn't it decrease the clotting time?

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    im sorry, i think the checked box didn't appear. anyways, my answers were Trousseau's sign, cardiac arrythmia, and fracture, decrease clotting time..
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    if I were to answer this my answer would be,

    Trousseau's Sign, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Decrease Coagulation and Fractures.

    Hypocalcemia - decrease CA - also decrease coagulation. That is how I understood it.. someone correct me please if I am wrong.

    As I am reading your post, I was recalling what I learned from saunders that calcium is responsible for bone formation, blood coagulation, transmission of neuromuscular impulses, maintenance of muscle tone , regulation of exocrine and endocrine glands and also has a inverse effect with phosphorus.

    I will have to re-comment when I get back home and check if I am right LOL !.I am not at home right now.
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    i totally agree. i think i read that on saunders too, about Ca having an effect in coagulation process.
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    hmm, thats weird, are there any explanations in the rationale? why increase with hypocalcemia?
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    It's increased clotting time, which indicates a decreased ability to clot. Unless I just haven't had enough coffee yet.
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    OMG.. yes.. i just got the point.. low calcium will decrease the ability to clot which, in turn INCREASE clotting time. lol.. i think i over analyze the problem.
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    hi, i EricJRN is right... low calcium will increase clotting time since there is not enough calcium to help with the clotting process..

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