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Hey Everybody Right now, I am in the process of studying for the NCLEX-RN and luckily for me, I have taken both Hurst and Kaplan (long story but I only paid for one). I know a lot of people on... Read More

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    Quote from jmtanchuan
    What are your scores for the tests on the hurst review?
    I think I started at 65 and I progressive made my way up to 90. If I remember correctly, if you could make it up to 85, then that's a good sign.
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    Thanks for the post! Im also reviewing both Hurst and Kaplan now.
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    Quote from syalissa
    Is there hurst for lpn?
    Yes there is. If you live in LA you can find it at the public library
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    My program fees include the Kaplan review so, I think I am going to pay for the Hurst Review as well. I respond really well to the interactive, fill in the blank, method. Both Kaplan and Hurst come to my school... has anyone done the live versions?
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    I used both. Hurst and Kaplan qBank.

    HURST is AWESOME for content. But don't be surprise if you see questions on the boards that are not covered by HURST I loved the video lectures. I remember days I was falling asleep and in my head I heard lecture all over again. It felt like they were whispering to my ears good night story lol

    Kaplan is great for questions. Those questions are higher level application style. I always was getting better scores with hurst as their questions are easier. Even hurst prioritization/delegation questions I found way easier then Kaplan.

    I did LIVE version of Hurst. It was good and I founded very helpful. Of course, I watched videos/lectures over again at home when I was studying for boards.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for this review! My school offers kaplan and since I already paid for it! plus my weakest I feel are meds so i'm glad Kaplan reviews that! Thanks again for this awesome post..very helpful!
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    I took the Hurst review May 22-24 in Modesto and took my NCLEX on June 4th and passed first try. While taking the test I could hear those southern accents saying " Thats not nice" "your a Killer" if you use the process they teach you to answer your questions you will pass. Most of those questions were hard things I wasn't sure about I applied the core content and listened to their voices playing back in my head to guide me. Good Luck Everyone
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    There is a Hurst Review for LPN's. Just check out the website under Live Review and Online Review for more information.

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