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Hey Everybody Right now, I am in the process of studying for the NCLEX-RN and luckily for me, I have taken both Hurst and Kaplan (long story but I only paid for one). I know a lot of people on... Read More

  1. by   RunawayN
    Quote from jmtanchuan
    What are your scores for the tests on the hurst review?
    I think I started at 65 and I progressive made my way up to 90. If I remember correctly, if you could make it up to 85, then that's a good sign.
  2. by   USRN2Be
    Thanks for the post! Im also reviewing both Hurst and Kaplan now.
  3. by   mali_santizo
    Quote from syalissa
    Is there hurst for lpn?
    Yes there is. If you live in LA you can find it at the public library
  4. by   DisneyNurseGal
    My program fees include the Kaplan review so, I think I am going to pay for the Hurst Review as well. I respond really well to the interactive, fill in the blank, method. Both Kaplan and Hurst come to my school... has anyone done the live versions?
  5. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    I used both. Hurst and Kaplan qBank.

    HURST is AWESOME for content. But don't be surprise if you see questions on the boards that are not covered by HURST I loved the video lectures. I remember days I was falling asleep and in my head I heard lecture all over again. It felt like they were whispering to my ears good night story lol

    Kaplan is great for questions. Those questions are higher level application style. I always was getting better scores with hurst as their questions are easier. Even hurst prioritization/delegation questions I found way easier then Kaplan.

    I did LIVE version of Hurst. It was good and I founded very helpful. Of course, I watched videos/lectures over again at home when I was studying for boards.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Monah86
    Thanks for this review! My school offers kaplan and since I already paid for it! plus my weakest I feel are meds so i'm glad Kaplan reviews that! Thanks again for this awesome post..very helpful!
  7. by   SamanthaKelly
    I took the Hurst review May 22-24 in Modesto and took my NCLEX on June 4th and passed first try. While taking the test I could hear those southern accents saying " Thats not nice" "your a Killer" if you use the process they teach you to answer your questions you will pass. Most of those questions were hard things I wasn't sure about I applied the core content and listened to their voices playing back in my head to guide me. Good Luck Everyone
  8. by   Natira23
    There is a Hurst Review for LPN's. Just check out the website under Live Review and Online Review for more information.
  9. by   MSA_29
    Hi RunawayN, your advice sounds super helpful even though I'm writing this in 2015. I'm retaking my NCLEX for the 4th time (been using Kaplan the last 3 times) and I'm desperate to pass it this time around. I feel like my weakness is content when it comes down to it, which I know Kaplan does a horrible job of prepping you with. You, including a lot of others, have said Hurst is great for content review so I'm willing to try it. But I'm so trained with the decision tree and still want to implement that strategy for this 4th test. I guess I'm asking if I can use the decision tree while I take this Hurst review?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  10. by   alreakay
    Hi, I am currently enrolled in the Kaplan in-person review but my classes were cancelled probably due to low-enrollment rate. So now i have the choice of trying the online Kaplan review, or getting a refund and trying the Hurst online review. I am currently using my friend's Hurst review but I've only had it for a couple days and it's going to expire in two more days so I can't get through the whole thing.

    I love how charismatic the Hurst presenters are but my problem is the lack of a set schedule. I like that Kaplan has a set schedule for students to be online al at once, but I zoned out once I watched the into video just for the in-person review.

    I've already failed my NCLEX once and I did "near the passing standard" or "below the passing standard" on all of the topics. And most of my questions were "which patient does the nurse see first?" type of questions.

    Do you have a recommendation between the two for me? I don't know if Kaplan could work with me learning-wise but I like that it emphasizes on strategy, which i feel I didn't have when I took my nclex. Can I re-watch the kaplan videos whenever I want? Since it goes over content so fast... ANd does Hurst have any kind of diagnostic exam?To tell me what I'm weak at... Please help! Really can't decide :/

    Also, I know i blanked out on my nclex when i took it and my nerves got the better of me.
  11. by   L&DAthleteNurseBSN
    Hurst is especially amazing for prioritization. I used hurst to study and I am very sure I got all of my delegation/prioritization questions right. The "RN Management" section has literally everything you need to get through those type of NCLEX questions.