Hurst review

  1. Anybody passed the nclex here that took hurst review please!
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  3. by   DoeRN
    Yep! I recommend it to all new grads.

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  4. by   marygeller
    Thank you, is very similar on their practice questions?
  5. by   teacher08
    Love Hurst. Haven't taken exam yet however, I PLAN on PASSING. Reviewing the notes as I respond to this message.
  6. by   cathij

    I took hurst review and it helped me a lot! it is great if you need a refresher in core content! As for practice questions I think kaplans are the best! if you can get access to them do it! i took nclex yesterday. i had 75 questions and finished in one hour. I went home and did the pvt and got the good pop up! hopefully it is correct! best of luck!
  7. by   DoeRN
    I don't remember doing a ton of hurst practice questions this was in 2008 but I did Saunders questions and Hurst review. I passed with 75 questions and I was there an hour and a half. I actually knew that I passed but was still nervous naturally. I didn't know about the PVT so I waited for my results 48 hours later and it said passed and I saw my name on the BON website. What a great feeling.

    I didn't bother with Kaplan because I knew 4 nurses that took Kaplan and didn't pass the first time. Two of them recommend Hurst since they passed using it the 2nd time.

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  8. by   jmtanchuan
    Used hurst. Took the test the other day. I got about 90 questions and got a good pop up ! A lot of SATAs
  9. by   care52
    I took my exam yesterday in 88 questions. Got the good pop-up. I absolutely loved Hurst. Like a previous poster said, they are awesome in refreshing content. They also give you little phrases and ways to remember content which really helped me! They are completely content-based, so I found that their Q-review was mostly testing you on how well you knew the content they taught you.

    If you do Hurst, I would recommend also getting another practice question book (I used Lippincott 2013-2014 and Kaplan 2012-2013) as well as PDA by LaCharity. The awesome thing about Lippincott and PDA is that they separate their questions by system, which is how Hurst separates their review videos so it made it really easy to focus on one system at a time.

    Good luck to you!